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Persecuted Hindus and Bangladesh Minorities rally against BD Islamist before White House.


April 10, 2013 | Washington DC :: Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council-USA, Hindu American Foundation, Human Rights Congress for Bangladesh Minorities (HRCBM), World Hindu Council of America (VHPA), along with faith based and community Coalitions from the East Coast, organized a massive rally at the White House in Washington D.C. in protest against the continued attacks on Hindu and other minority communities by the Islamist Jamaat-e-Islami party. More than one thousand people formed a human chain in from of the White House demanding immediate action from United States and the International Community. The protesters came in 10 buses from New York, New Jersey, Atlanta and Pennsylvania, and were joined by their counterparts from Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC. The protesters also sent their representatives to meet Congressional staffers and members of the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission House Committee of Foreign Affairs.

Bangladesh is universally known as a largely ethnically homogeneous country. Indeed, its name derives from the Bengali ethno-linguistic group, which comprises 98% of the population. So a uniform growth across the country’s population spectrum is what anyone would expect.

At that rate, a comparable population chart would have shown Bangladeshi Minorities to be at about 29.3 million. But their number, as it stands now, is a meager 15.8 million. This represents a net loss of around 15.5 million Bangladeshi minorities and their direct heirs, or about 8.3 in sheer percentage terms. This reflects one of the largest displacements of population based on ethnic or religious identity in recent history. The world must recognize this dangerous phenomenon and act with the tenacity and urgency it deserved. When a combined total population of about a dozen European Union countries or the combined total population of more than fifteen U.S. States is vanished from a country about the size of Greece or the State of New York in just forty years, it can be called nothing but genocide and must be confronted as such.

This tragedy sits atop the history’s infamies right along with the Holocaust. The only difference is that Holocaust ended with the tragic massacre of 6 million innocent Jews while our struggle for survival continues and the terrors lurking all around us with no end in sight.

Addressing the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission House Committee of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Sitangshu Guha of the Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council said, “It has not come to this overnight.

Years of persecution by the successive governments and organized attacks on minorities and their interests by the Islamists (BNP and Jamat-e-Islami) have led to this dark hour of civilization. The current wave of violence against the Hindus transpiring in the wake of the International Judicial Tribunal’s verdict against Delwar Hossain Sayedee, a notorious war criminal and terrorist, is therefore not a new phenomenon. The verdict was simply a pretext for the Islamists to attack the Hindus to grab their land, loot their property, and drive them away from the country just like they have done during every single election since 1971, during any International development or controversy involving Muslims or their religion, or just rumors involving Islam in the past”.

Many of the protesters at the ‘White House Rally’ felt, that Hindus and other religious minorities’ need an ‘international taskforce’, on the lines of the ones created in Kosovo, that would oversee safe havens for Hindus inside Bangladesh. They demanded that the Government of Bangladesh be pressurized to rebuild the temples that have been destroyed over the years, and a Minority Welfare Ministry be set up with a specialized police force drawn from the religious minorities.

Jay Kansara of Hindu American Foundation, which led the outreach effort at the Capitol Hill, underlined the need for a unified effort and support from the Hindu constituency from around the United States.

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Utsav Chakrabarti
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Stop West Bengal Officials from Promoting Cow Slaughter, Violating Supreme Court Judgement, Suppressing Durga Puja Festival.

Stop West Bengal Officials from Promoting Illegal Cow Slaughter, violating Court Judgements & hurting Hindu sentiments.

1. Sri Pranab Mukherjee,
His Excellency, President of India,
Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi.

2. Dr. Manmohan Singh,
Honourable Prime Minister of India,
Pradhan Mantri Niwas, New Delhi.

3. Sm. Mamata Banerjee,
Hon'ble Chief Minister of West Bengal,
Writers' Buildings, Kolkata, WB. 

                 REF:Petition in CHANGE ORG.

Honourable Sir / Madam,

This is an urgent petition, through the Highest seats of this State of ancient heritage and culture within the real democratic texture and humane tolerance, requesting the Government of West Bengal (Paschim Banga), India to take strong action against the errant Officers-in-Charge of Usthi Police Station, Joynagar Police Station and Falta Police Station (all in South 24 Parganas district), who are Promoting Cow Slaughter (to pander to extremist elements) and are thereby openly violating the Honourable Calcutta High Court's Judgement (dated 2 Nov 2011 and 13 Oct 2011) and Honourable Indian Supreme Court's Judgement.

The embarrassments are piling up from the news of inaction of Administration and the Police from different districts not to check illegal and rampant cow slaughter to hurt the Hindu sentiments in their prime festive sessions. It is heard that the WB Police is arranging sufficient "BLACK PLASTIC TARPAULIN" to cover up all the illegal cow-slaughters in the respective PS areas.

We urge the Honourable Home Secretary Mr. Basudeb Banerjee (IAS) to investigate the atrocities being committed by the aforementioned police officers on those tens of thousands of villagers who refuse to kowtow to their dictatorial, unlawful demands that they support and make arrangements for slaughtering of cows on Bakr Eid (which falls on October 27, 2012 – during Durga Puja festival).

We urge the Honourable Home Secretary to ensure 100% enforcement of anti-cow slaughter Judgements of the Honourable Calcutta HC and Supreme Court of India.

We also urge the West Bengal Administration to stop the official repression of the state’s ancient and vibrant Durga Puja by revoking the ban on the Divine Mother’s immersion on October 26 and 27, 2012.

We would like to respectfully remind the administration that banning the centuries’ old indigenous Bengali tradition of Durga Puja immersion (in order to appease a violent, alien, Arabian creed of Bakr Id) is tantamount to turning Bengal (or what is left of it) into another East Pakistan.

The whole issue about "cow slaughter" has two negative social implications, aside from its blatantly provocative communal agenda that seeks to create religious tension in society :

1. The economic impact of cow slaughter falls directly and only on Hindus below or around poverty line:

Almost all of the cow-slaughter in West Bengal and Bangladesh is inflicted on stolen cows from West Bengal. These cows form the livelihood of poor rural Hindus and are often quite economically productive.

2. Psychological impact on society: 

Cow slaughter is NOT a original Muslim religious practice. In fact, the Arabian Peninsula hardly has any cows. So, slaughtering cows is NOT a religious obligation in Islam. The only reason Muslims slaughter cows in the Indian subcontinent, is because it creates psychological domination over the Hindus. Islam is a hunter-grabber ideology and cow-slaughter has a important social message. It essentially tells a Hindu villager that he is powerless to protect anyone, whether the cow or his mother or sister.

So, in its landmark judgement (dated 2 Nov 2011 and 13 Oct 2011), the Honorable Calcutta High Court banned cow slaughter during Eid.

The Calcutta High Court’s division bench of Chief Justice JN Patel and Justice Asim Ray termed the practice of killing cows and their progeny for religious purposes as unlawful. This judgment came after Mr. Enamul Haque, Mr.Abhijit Das and others had filed a Public Interest Litigation, (vide Case No. AST-725 of 2010) in the High Court on 11 October 2010 - with Advocates M.M.Qureshi and Joydip Roy representing the petitioners.

The High Court ordered the authorities to implement the provisions of West Bengal Animal Slaughter (Control) Act, 1950 and if any instance of cow slaughter on Bakri-Eid is brought to their notice, they should take cognizance and act in accordance with the law.

The Calcutta High Court categorically stated that “the officials of the State and local bodies have no power to facilitate holding of markets for trading of cattle for sacrifice and also the movement of cattle for the said purpose on the occasion of Id-uz-Zoha”.

The Supreme Court of India reiterated that “sacrifice of a cow on Bakr id Day is NOT an obligatory overt act for a Musalman to exhibit his religious belief and ideas”. In many occasions the apex court directed that “such slaughter cannot be a religious purpose because it is NOT a part of religious requirement for the Musalmans..”

Unfortunately, the Officers-in-Charge of Usthi Police Station, Joynagar Police Station and Falta Police Station (all in South 24 Parganas district) are behaving like a law unto themselves. They are intimidating and forcing poor Scheduled Caste villagers to support and make arrangements for slaughtering of cows on the Bakr-Eid day which falls on October 27, 2012 – during Durga Puja festival). They have vividly threatened renowned social workers who are only helping the villagers to submit a memorandum (requesting the implementation of the verdict of the High Court and Supreme Court) with mass signatures to the government authorities in a completely peaceful, democratic and legal manner.

Special mention must be made of the biased and rabidly communal mindset of Ms. Papiya Sultana, Deputy Superintendent of Police, (Falta Zone) who has been aggressively arm-twisting the villagers of Pianjganj to meekly accept cow slaughter or face dire consequences. It must be pointed out that, during her previous posting as DSP of Nadia district, Ms. Sultana was notorious for refusing to take cognisance of Indian villagers' complaints to stop cow slaughter by Bangladeshi infiltrators without a license in Shondanga area.

Playing fiddle to her communal agenda is her current subordinate officer Mr. Sudip Singh (Officer-in-Charge, Usthi Police Station). They are both determined and adamant to allow and help slaughtering cows in Pianjganj village for the first time. 

To pre-empt any action by the poor villagers (who seek the implementation of the Supreme Court and High Court judgements), the administration is taking all legal and illegal steps to threaten and scare the Pianjganj villagers who are Scheduled Castes and therefore backward and illiterate.

These errant officers are repeatedly calling these hapless villagers to Usthi police station, verbally threatening them, raiding their houses at night (10.30 pm), and ultimately serving them legal notice (slapping criminal case) totally without any reason or incident, only to scare them and make them to stay outside the village. There is no ground for these untoward and unwarranted steps on behalf of the local administration.

Apart from trying to enforce illegal Cow Slaughter in newer places, the Usthi PS has arranged an illegal cow trading point just adjacent to Police Station itself (Northern side of PS, in between PS and Usthi Agricultural Nursery). In Joynagar PS area, big cow markets are presently seen in Mouzpur and Biswanathpur villages. In Sahararhat (Falta PS), unlawful miscreants are canvassing this illegal Cow market there on microphones, with the tacit support of the police.

We request you all to take this matter seriously and call and press the local administration to stop these illegal and unethical activities and stop the illegal cow slaughtering in the village of Pianjganj.

These errant police officers’ actions are clear and blatant violations of the High Court’s and Supreme Court’s Relevant Judgements and exacerbate Animal Cruelty, Ghastly Slaughtering and Perilous Pollution in these days of ensuing Bakr Idd on 27th Oct, 2012, by violating Preventions of Cruelty to Animals (PCA) Act, 1960; Animal Transportation Act; WB Pollution Control Act; WB Animal Slaughter Control Act, 1950 and openly point to the Criminal-Official Nexus.

These unlawful police officers are openly defying the unambiguous verdicts of Calcutta High Court and Supreme Court in this regard to stop Cow slaughtering in West Bengal on the occasion of Bakrid.

Inspite of these police officers’ unlawful actions, thousands of brave villagers, from Pianjganj village (under Usthi P.S), signed and submitted a mass petition in this regard to various authorities like the Governor, State Human Rights Commission, District Magistrate, District Superintendent of Police, SDO- Diamond Harbour, SDPO- Diamond Harbour, O.C. Usthi, BDO- Usthi and other officials, urging the administration to obey the Supreme Court and Calcutta High Court verdicts and stop Cow Slaughter on the occasion of upcoming Bakr-Eid (October 27, 2012). This is why the local administration is taking all these illegal and unethical steps.

The motivation for these police officers’ blatant contravention of the law is debatable. The root cause may be monetary or an old habit of pandering to extremist elements so much that these officers cannot tolerate any legal and democratic procedure. Though they are public servants, they have come to resemble thugs for the peace loving people of South 24 Parganas district. Most unfortunately, some of their superior officers are apparently turning a blind eye to such atrocities for the same reasons. Such unscrupulous elements bring notoriety to the khakhi uniform.

This week, Firhad Hakim (Bobby), Minister for Urban Development in West Bengal, has been playing a nefarious role in violating the verdicts of Calcutta High Court and Supreme Court. Hakim has been instrumental in financially and officially supporting miscreants’ efforts to seize cows rescued from a cramped van (marked “Kurbanir Goru” / “Cows for Bakr Id slaughter”) from Salt Lake IT Sector and kept in the safe custody of Rajasthan Gau Kalyan Trust Goshala near Barasat.

We request the Honorable Government of West Bengal to investigate this issue thoroughly and take stringent action against such errant public servants, who break the very law they are supposed to enforce.

We also urge the West Bengal Administration to stop the official repression of the state’s ancient and vibrant Durga Puja by revoking the ban on the Divine Mother’s immersion on October 26 and 27, 2012.

We would like to respectfully remind the administration that banning the centuries’ old indigenous Bengali tradition of Durga Puja immersion (in order to appease a violent, alien, Arabic creed of Bakr Id) is tantamount to turning Bengal (or what is left of it) into another East Pakistan.

The apathy and indifference of the officials makes us wonder if West Bengal is a part of India (where Indian law is upheld) or a part of East Pakistan (where Shariah is upheld).

We sincerely hope that you will act immediately in upholding the judgements of the Hon. Supreme Court and Kolkata High Court and especially in the interests of keeping West Bengal within India, and not letting our motherland become another East Pakistan.


1. Upananda Brahmachari (AKHIL BHARAT GO RAKSHA MISSION).
2. Acharya Yogesh Shastri (ARYA VEER DAL, BENGAL).
3. Satyasheel Gupta (ARYA SAMAJ, BENGAL).

Original petition filed in Change.Org by Smt. Anita Roy on the inputs from HINDU EXISTENCE.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Detracted Agnivesh puts dilema in Arya activities. एषणाओं की तृष्णा बुझाने की दौड़ में अग्निवेश ..

एषणाओं की तृष्णा बुझाने की दौड़ में अग्निवेश 

~ महेंद्रपाल आर्य 

आजमगड़ जिला राजी की सराय के पास १९,२०,२१ नवम्बर २००५ में जमाते इस्लामी का तिन दिवसीय अधिवेशन मनाया गया था, इसमें भाग लेने वालो में वक्ता के रूप में अग्निवेश भी थे ।

अग्निवेश २१ नवम्बर, रविवार के दिन मुसलमानों को खुश करने के लिए सभी मर्यादाओं को दाव पर लगा दिया । यद्दपि इससे मेरा कोई लेना देना नही था किन्तु दैनिक जागरण २१ नवम्बर के पृष्ट ९ पर चित्र स
हित वाराणसी अंक में लिखा 'स्वामी अग्निवेश अध्यक्ष्य आर्य समाज कान्फ्रेन्स को संबोधित कर रहे
 हैं । 
अग्निवेश को आर्य समाज का 'अधक्ष ' लिखा जबकि जागरण वालों को पता ही नहीं अग्निवेश किसके अध्यक्ष है ? आर्य जनों, मैं अग्निवेश के दिए वक्तव्य व उसकी समीक्षा लिखना और समग्र आर्य जनों को अवगत करना अपना कर्त्तव्य समझ रहा हूँ । मानव एषनाओं की वशीभूत होकर क्या नही कर सकता ? अग्निवेश ने अपना व्यक्तव्य बिसमिल्ला हीर रहमा निर्रहीम से प्रारम्भ किया । जबकि आर्य समाज के संस्थापक ऋषि दयानन्द ने अपने अमर ग्रन्थ सत्यार्थ प्रकाश के चौदह सम्मुल्लास में इसे ही गलत सिद्ध किया है । 
आर्यों का एक काल तो वो भी था जड़ स्वामी श्रद्धानन्द जी ने दिल्ली की जमा मस्जिद से अपने व्यक्तव्य को प्रारम्भ किया था वेद मन्त्रों से । त्वमहिनः पिता वसो त्वम् माता शतकुत से और आज एषनाओं की तृष्णा बुझाने वाले अग्निवेश ने वेद छोड़ कर कुरान को पकड़ लिया । जबकि ऋषि दयानन्द तथा स्वामी श्रद्धानन्द ने कुरान के मानने वालों को सत्य के आधार पर कुरान छुड़वाकर वेद पकड़वाए थे । किन्तु दयानन्द और श्रद्धानन्द का गला घोट कर अग्निवेश आर्य समाज के अध्यक्ष कहलाने में जराभी लज्जा महसूस नही करते ।
वेद और कुरान अगर एक होता तो फिर स्वामी श्रद्धानन्द की पं लेखराम की महाशय राजपाल की तथा भाई श्यामलाल की हत्या क्यों और कैसे होती ? अग्निवेश लोकेषणा के कारन वैदिक मर्यादाओं को ताक पर रखते हुए आर्य समाज का भी गला घोटकर अपनी तृष्णा बुझा कर मुसलमानों को संतुष्ट कर रहे हैं । न मालूम ऋषि दयानन्द तथा स्वामी श्रद्धानन्द जीकी आत्मा इश्वर व्यवस्था के अनुसार कहाँ है ? मेरे बिचार से उन महापुरुषों की आत्मा जहाँ कहीं भी होगी अग्निवेश के इन क्रियाकलापों को , चाल - चलन को व एषणाओं में डूबा देखकर अव्यश्य रो रही होगी । यह भी कह रहे होंगे की जिस वेद को जो ईश्वरीय ज्ञान है ; विषपान कर प्राणों की बाजी लगाकर न मालूम आर्य समाज के शाश्त्रार्थ महारथियों ने कितने ही इस्लाम जगत के बिद्यनों को परास्त किया तथा इस्लाम और कुरान के जानकारों को कुरान छोड़ वेद को ईश्वरीय ज्ञान मानने को बाध्य किया ।
अब उनके दिए गये व्यक्तव्य को देखें । दैनिक जागरण ने लिखा " स्वामी अग्निवेश अध्यक्ष आर्य प्रतिनिधि सभा ने जमायते इस्लामी के तिन दिवसीय कान्फ्रेन्स के अंतिम दिन रविवार को उन्होंने बिसमिल्ला हीर रहमा निर्रहीम से अपनी बात सुरु की । उन्होंने कहा की जमायते इस्लामि के मंच से सर्बप्रथम मैं पैगम्बरे इस्लाम हजरत मुहम्मद साहब को नमन करता हूँ । जिन्होंने जिन्दा बेटिओं को गाड़ने से रोका । औरत और मर्द के बीच अपमान जनक व्यवहार को दूर किया । औरोतों को सम्मानपूर्वक जीने का हक दिया है । उसका अनुपालन ही साडी समस्यायों का हल है । स्वामी जी ने औरत और मर्द के बीच बेइनसाफी पर बिस्तृत बयान कर जन सैलाब को काफी प्रभाबित किया "।
आगे और भी है परन्तु येहीं तक अग्निवेश के बयान में ही वैदिक मान्यताओं का गला घोट कर रख दिया । प्रथम मैं उसकी सुरुयात पर लिख जुका हूँ । अग्निवेश ने कहा 'सर्बप्रथम मैं पैगम्बरे इस्लाम हजरत मुहम्मद साहब को नमन करता हूँ' जो वैदिक मान्यता ही नहीं अपितु इस्लाम पर भी कुठाराघात है । क्योंकि वैदिक मान्यतानुसार एक परमात्मा को छोड़ और किसीको नमन नही करना चाहिये । और इस्लाम में भी अल्लाह को छोड़ किसी और के पास झुकना ही शिर्क है ।अग्निवेश एक तरफ तो आर्य समाज कहीं आर्य प्रतिनिधि सभा , फिर कहीं सार्वदेशिक सभा के अधक्ष बता रहे है अपने को । इधर वैदिक मान्यता को जानते तक नहीं । विशेषकर मैं  सामवेदी से जानना चाहूँगा क्या आप वेद को जानते भी है ? या मात्र नाम ही सामवेदी लिखते है ? अगर वेद को जानते तो फिर अग्निवेश के इस पद विरुद्ध वक्तव्यों को स्वीकार कैसे करते ? उनको गुरु मानकर पीछलग्गू हो कर वैदिक सिद्धांत के जानने व मानने वालों को धोखा कैसे देते ? यादव जी पर मैं दया करता हूँ क्योंकि वह आर्य नही है यादव है पर आप तो सत्य के व्रती सामवेदी अपने नाम से लिख कर दुनिया को बताते हैं ।
अब जमाते इस्लामी वालों की भी बुद्धि मारी गई । उनके मंच पर ही शिर्क का प्रतिपादन हुआ । जहाँ मस्जिदे अक्सा के इमाम भी मौजूद थे । आर्य लोगों एक बात का ध्यान रखना आर्य समाज के संस्थापक ऋषि दयानन्द की मात्र बात थी इश्वर के अतिरिक्त मूर्ति के सामने नमन न करने की। आज आर्य समाज का नाम लेकर दयानन्द का अपमान मात्र लोकेषणा की तृष्णा बुझाने के लिए अग्निवेश ने वैदिक सिद्धांतों को ताक पर रख दिया ।  अब इस्लाम के मानने वालों को देखे , मोहनदास करमचंद (महात्मा) गाँधी का पुत्र हीरालाल गाँधी ने, जब अब्दुल्ला गाँधी बनकर इस्लामिक मंच पर कहा था - हे अल्लाह अगले जन्म में किसी मुस्लमान के घर जन्म देना , इतने कहने पर मुसलमानों ने मंच से निचे गिराया था । और उसी मंच से अल्लाह को छोड़ मुहम्मद को नमन की बात ऐसे सिद्धान्तहीन लाल वस्त्रधारी गैर मुस्लिम से सुनने हेतु तौहीद व अल्लाह की वहदानियत को भी तिलांजलि दिया गया क्योंकि वह लोग भी एषणाओं से ग्रसित हैं । 
आगे और देखे हजरत मुहम्मद ने औरत - मर्द के बीच अपमान जनक व्यव्हार को रोका । पर आर्य जनों को बखूबी मालूम है की इस्लाम के जन्म काल से आज तक औरत व मर्द में समानता नहीं है । आज भी शरीयती कानून में पुरुष के मुकाबले में दो औरतों को गवाही देनी होती है । फिर पिता के सम्पत्ति में भी पुत्र व पुत्री बराबर के हकदार नहीं । मात्र बेटी रुपयों में चौअन्नी की हकदार है । पति की सम्पत्ति में मात्र पत्नी दो आने की आधिकारी है ।अल्लाह ने कुरान की निसा आयात तिन में फरमाया " निसओकुम हर सुल्लाकुम फतु हर सकुम अन्ना शोतुम व कद्देमु ले अनफुसे कुम "।

अर्थात औरत मर्द के खेत हैं, उस खेत से जैसा चाहो फसल उत्पन्न करो, यहाँ औरोतों की मर्यादा मात्र बछा पैदा करने का यन्त्र बताया , सूरा बकर में कहा गया, '' लिबासुल्ला कुमवअनतुम लिबासुल्ला हुन्ना'' जिसका अर्थ है - स्त्री और पुरुष एक दुसरे की परिधान हैं । पेहेन्ने का कपड़ा अर्थात मैला हो बदल लो, धो लो, मैला कर भी सकते हो, साफ़ भी रख सकते हो, दाग लगा सकते हो और नही भी । 

अल्लाह के पास भी औरत, मर्द में अन्तर है, मर्दों को मस्जिद में जमात के साथ नमाज का आदेश है और औरतों की जमात नहीं होती, न मालूम अग्निवेश को इस्लाम में औरत मर्द में बराबरी कहाँ दिखाई पड़ी ? अपने स्वार्थ सिद्धि के लिए कुछ भी कहने को तैयार हैं अग्निवेश ।

वह रे ! युगप्रवर्तक ऋषि देव दयानन्द कैसे करूँ तुम्हे याद , आपने औरत व मर्द के लिए सामान अधिकार मुहैया कराते हुए मानवता पर बहुत बड़ा उपकार किया । जब तक यह सृष्टी रहेगी तब तक आपको हर पीड़ी याद रखेगी ।

आर्य जनों को एक बात मैं और भी बता दूँ की अग्निवेश हिन्दुओं को या आर्य जनों को गाली दे कर ईसाई व मुसलमानों की मात्र हमदर्दी नहीं ले रहे हैं अपितु नोट भी कमा रहे है । अग्निवेश का जितना विरोध हम करेंगे, अग्निवेश को उतनी ही हमदर्दी उन लोगों से मिलेगी । येही कारन है कि हमारे आर्य जगत के विद्यनों ने इतना कुछ लिख कर सामान्य तरीके से लिखा । मैं भी मात्र आर्य जानो को सच्चाई तथा यथार्थ दर्शाने हेतु लिखता हूँ । वरना अग्निवेश क्या है आर्य लोगों के सामने ? जिन अंग्रेजों के खिलाफ आर्यों ने बिगुल बजाया और भारत से अंग्रेजों को खदेड़ कर रहे । इन शूरवीरों से क्या मुकाबला ? किउंकि मछर भगाने के लिए तोप कि आवश्यकता नहीं होती, पर याद रखना जिस दिन धैर्य का बांध टूटेगा उस दिन वैदिक सिद्धांतों के रक्षार्थ आर्य लोग अपने आर्यत्व का जलवा अवश्य दिखा देंगे ।

Hindu Buddhist Cultural Unity in Nepal.

Hinduism and Buddhism In Nepal

By Dirgha Raj Prasai

The religious structure of Nepalese society is formally Hindu; but here and only here the interplay of peoples and their religious traditions has produced a rich fusion of Hindu and Buddhist faiths. It is common for both Hindus and Buddhists to worship at the same shrine, for many gods and saints are cross-over, often known by a different name but holding the same attributes. The original inhabitants of the valley were animists, a tradition which survives in the multitude of spirits, demons, local deities, and stones which receive dutiful worship to this day. Hindu and Buddhist traditions adapted from the pre-existing animist practices and from each other. Indeed, in the medieval period, when both religions’ practice adopted mystical, Tantrik traditions, they were almost indistinguishable from each other.

An international scholar Aldous Huxley said-”The oldest aspects of Hindu mythology give place to the most profound and subtle utterances about the nature of ultimate reality, it is in itself a liberal education in humility, tolerance and suspense of judgment.” We can see The Great Wall of China; “the seventh wonders of the world” has a fourteen feet long Sanskrit incantation engraved on the western gate. Mongolian emperor Kublai Khan had written ‘OM Namo! Bhagawati’ including others in the 14th century. The Chinese Great Wall has many syllables from ‘Mahabharata’ written on the doors in Sanskrit language. It is not a common thing that the language was written in Kalipinya letters. Similarly, NEWSWEEK COLUMNIST Ms Lisa Miller says-’we are all Hindus. The Rig Veda, the most ancient Hindu scripture, says: “Truth is one, but the sages speak of it by many names.” A Hindu believes there are many paths to God. The most traditional, conservative Christians have not been taught to think like this. They learn in Sunday school that their religion is true, and others are false. Let us all say “OM.” when you chant “OM,” it will resonate not only in the room but down through the ages.’ May 13, 2010 at >

Nepal’s History and Religions Nepal is a rich and complex mix of different cultures and traditions, melded over thousands of years into a unique whole. For the western traveler there is much that is familiar, and many surprises. Family and religion are of paramount importance, and are constantly reflected throughout the culture. Nepal moves to a different rhythm than the West. The notes here are meant only to tantalize you into visiting this amazing place. We should all aware of the facts that Hindu religion has many enemies. These enemies may try to discredit and malign Hinduism. In south Asia general population is ignorant, and engulfed in blind faith and traditions that are carried over for centuries. It is true that over millennia some people took advantage of this blind faith and traditions to satisfy there own hidden agenda and lust and did harm the local communities. But that is not the case here.

According to -Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya-’This world is full of all kinds of human beings. In a nutshell, they can be classified as – gentle, sad, upbeat and scoundrel. We need to treat them according to their type and not the same way. There is an aphorism in Yogadarshana which talks about friendship, compassion, gleefulness and neglect. It explains the need and utility of behavior tailored as per the individual. We should make friendship with gentlemen so that the impact of their virtues benefits us and also a timely good conduct can be expected from them. A feeling of compassion should prevail for the grieving and benighted ones and the efforts to make them overcome the crisis by helping and serving must be driven. At the minimum, sympathy can be shown to them with an endeavor of providing consultation to hold patience and guide them the way to get over the sufferings. We should be glad to see the successful and upbeat people. Progressives deserve at the minimum a gift of appreciation for their skills and dedication which will encourage them further. It inspires others to rise too.

It’s not possible to fight with evil and rogue forever. Avoid confrontation with everybody coming on the way as fighting with them in an effort to rectify and fix them is next to impossible. At least their misbehavior can be ignored so that the time which was to be used for taking revenge and degrading them can be utilized in creative tasks. Even with all this, at least one must make sure that culprits should be shown the fear of non-cooperation, resistance and conflict otherwise they take our ignorance as an opportunity to dare more. Ignorance should be limited to the extent that the wicked must not get encouraged further. To conduct as per the person’s level is the real workmanship which is called another form of Yoga by the God in the Geeta.

It can’t be implemented in the behavior literally. It will be very awkward if practiced exactly that way. If revered Gurus and evils/rogues are seated at the same level and worshiped or neglected-condemned the same way then it will look very strange and confusing. This will have bad aftermath effects. A buffalo (in a cart) needs a hit of stick to move whereas a horse starts running with a slight hint of the halter. This is because of the difference in their nature which justifies the riders’ behavior. It’s quite possible to play the tricks of negotiation, money, punishment, divide (Saam, Daam, Danda, Bhed) as per the need. Try the other (or more) tricks if one doesn’t work. The sole purpose is to reform. Hate the sin and not the sinner. This synergistic behavior for the benefit of others is similar to the callousness of a surgeon while operating for good and ethical.’

A country’s existence and prestige can gradually be eroded by finishing off its faith and belief tradition and culture and the creator of nation. Nepal was worthy to be bowed down by Hindus all over the world. This is the highest honor Nepal could receive from the international community. The conspiracy against oriental Baidik Hindu and Buddha’s culture was started almost 200 years ago from India by East India Company where Lord Macaulay was one of them who succeed to destroy oriental Hindu identities and culture.

Lumbinī- Nepal is a Buddhist pilgrimage site in the Rupandehi district of Nepal, near the Indian border. It is the place where Queen Mayadevi is said to have given birth to Siddhartha Gautam, who as the Buddha founded the Buddhist tradition. Records made by the Chinese pilgrim Fa Xian were also used in the process of identifying this religiously acclaimed site. The holy site of Lumbini has ruins of ancient monasteries, a sacred Bodhi tree, an ancient bathing pond, the Ashoka pillar and the Mayadevi temple. The truth, however is that Buddha was born at Lumbini in present Rupandehi district of western Terai region in Nepal. A fact accepted by UNESCO while providing world heritage status to the place.

But some so-called leaders are active to minimize Hinduism and dismiss the existence of Buddha. One of the Communist old-leader Mohan Bikram Sing has written that Buddha was burn in Orissa (India) but not in Nepal. (See: Kantipur B.S.2059 Bhadra 19) What is that means? Such antagonistic so-called politicians, some against of Christian are habituated to exploit our national culture, religions and identities. This is the matter of grief for all Nepalese. But, the renowned historian of India and native Orrisan Prof. Karuna Sagar Behera has been quoted as saying “The Buddha was neither born in Orissa nor visited the place during his lifetime”
‘An international conservation team has begun work on restoring three endangered monuments at Buddha’s supposed birthplace in southern Nepal, officials said on Tuesday. The team, led by Italian conservation expert Costantino Meucci, will restore the marker stone, nativity sculpture and Ashoka pillar in Lumbini, 250 kilometres (150 miles) southwest of Nepal’s capital Kathmandu. Lumbini, declared a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1997, is visited by Buddhist pilgrims from around the world, and the month-long restoration campaign is funded by the Japanese government. The marker stone is believed to be the exact site of Buddha’s birth while the nativity sculpture is a carving that shows Buddha’s mother holding a tree branch for support during his birth. Gautam Siddhartha, who later became known as Buddha or the Enlightened One, is believed to have been born around 500 BC’ (AFP News-5 Apr.2011)
Nepal is the pious Hindu and Buddha country in the lap of the Himalayas, which is beautiful, quiet, the birth place of Buddha and origin of Hinduism. Lord Buddha is believed to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Besides being the country of Everest it is equally popular with its diverse cultural values. This is the land where civilization began and is also known as the country of ‘SANGRILA.’ Nepal is as holy place to Hindus & Buddhists, as Mecca for Muslims and Jerusalem to Jews and Christians. To refrain from all evils to do what is good to purify the mind is the message of Lord Buddha. The Hindus and Buddhists have the freedom to pursue their own way of observing the religion. Nepalese nationalism has evolved and been consolidated more through social and cultural exchanges than conflicts. So, to keep intact our sovereignty with our indigenous cultural and traditions, we should follow the path of alertness and humane to maintain the co-existence from all sectors.

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

An Understanding of Islam by a Liberal Hindu Think Tank.


Dr. Babu Suseelan
No one can begin to understand the great triumph which was achieved in America through freedom. In our freedom documents (Constitution) we can see secularism, pluralism, recognition of the age old yearnings of men for liberty and dignity, a set of guarantee for the protection of individual rights against abuse and the reservation in the people of the ultimate power to their form of government by democratic procedures.
America progressed through our freedom, moral of religious philosophy, critical inquiry, science, technology, education, art, literature, democracy and rule of law. Our advances in science, technology and freedom are the envy of the world. Critical inquiry, freedom of thought, rule of law is the American way of life. We have proved all people on earth that it is possible to raise to unlimited heights through freedom.
But unfortunately, America, the greatest Nation on earth is face to face with the gravest danger ever to confront it. We are faced with Arab Imperialism. Arab Imperialism is paraded as a religion.  The Arab originated Islam is no simple, it is a forthright threat. Islam is against all freedoms, democracy, rule of law, our constitution, and independent judiciary, equality, pluralism, and Human Rights.
Islam promotes not freedom, equality, human rights, coexistence and pluralism.  Islam promotes Arab Imperialism, Jihad war, extremism and terrorism and hatred.  And Islam poses a potential danger to democracy, freedom, equality and human rights, diversity and our culture. It poses a grave threat to modernity and political aspirations of the many.
Islam can be defeated or wiped out if an alert and well informed citizenry dedicated to the preservation and promotion of our freedom and individual liberty, culture and education.
No one has to guess about the beliefs, practices the aims or purpose of Islam. And no one has to be fooled by claims of the high ideals of Islam. The Islamic truth can be seen in the Koran, Hadith and Sunnha. It is in in writing for anyone to read. The basic beliefs and practices of Islam are promulgated by the desert Warrior, slave trader and polygamist Mohamed. The basic doctrine and belief of Islam are set out clearly in the Koran, Sunnah and Hadith. Fundamentally, these Islamic books say kill all infidels. Quoting the Koran:
4:101. “For the unbelievers are to you open enemies.”
5:12=16. “Allah made a covenant with the children of Israel… But because they broke their covenant, we cursed them and hardened their hearts. They changed the words from the places and have forgotten a portion of what they were reminded….. With those who caked themselves Christians, we made a covenant, but have forgotten much of what they were reminded. Therefore, we started among them enmity and hatred till the day resurrection”
5:64. “They (the Jews) are cursed for what they said! As often as they light a fire for war. Allah extinguishes it. Their efforts are for corruption in the land, and Allah loveth not corruptors.”
7:4. “How many a village have we had Us ruin! In the night our might fell upon it, or at midday when they were drowsy.”
8:12-14. “I shall cast terror into the hearts of the unbelievers. Strike them above the necks, smite their fingertips…. The punishment of the fire is for the unbelievers.”
8:39. “Fight them (unbelievers) until persecution is no more and the religion of Allah reigns supreme.”
8:59-60. “Do not suppose that the unbelievers have outstripped Allah. They cannot frustrate me. Against them make ready your strengths to the utmost power, including steeds of war, so that you strike terror in to the enemies of Allah does.”
The prophet Mohamed urge the believers to fight. Let all infidels and Kafirs tremble at the Islamic war in the name of Allah. Islam or Arab imperialism abolishes eternal truths, all libraries, universities, freedom, free and critical thinking, and it abolishes all religions, all morality and all past historical experience. Everything is in the Koran, burn all libraries in the world, thundered Islamists.The destinies of some of the 1.7 billion Muslims in the world are theoretically in hands of the Islamic Mullahs who have been accepted into Islam as authoritative figures or top leaders of Islam who control Islam by dealing swift death or severe punishment to any who oppose them.
Every Islamic ruler has been quick to use terror and annihilation against infidels and kafirs to maintain his absolute power over citizens, the nation, its land and conquered countries. One of the bloodiest of Islam’s ruthless dealings with any whom it fancies to be an enemy or even a potential enemy can be seen in Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Syria, Pakistan, and Iran. Their aim is the literal extermination of any the Islamic rulers regarded as an opponent.
Koran reiterates 9:1, 3, and 5. : For four months you shall journey freely in the land but know that you shall not render Allah incapable, and that Allah will humiliate the unbelievers…. And give glad tidings to the unbelievers of a painful punishment. When the sacred months are over, slay the idolaters wherever you find them. Take them and confine them, then lie in ambush everywhere for them.”
9”14. “Fight them (unbelievers) Allah will punish them with your hands and degrade them. He will grant you victory over them and heal the chests of a believing nation.”
The history of Islamic conquered countries, the majority of thinkers, writers, religious leaders were wiped out and those who resisted Islamic butchery were slaughtered. In India itself, many of the large scale Islamic projects have been manned by labor slaves forced to work without pay as punishment for alleged crime against Islam, for unfaithfulness to Islam, for violation of Sharia law, or resisting coercive Islamic conversion.  The victims include, Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs.
This ruthless Islamic practice and disregard of human life and dignity carries right down to every person in an Islamic country. Islamic plunder, looting and exploitation can be termed as the most barbarous crime in world history.
To the Islamists, morals, ethics, freedom, democracy, integrity, truth seeking, independent inquiry is merely words of the infidels. Indicative of this total disregard for human life, freedom and democracy, integrity and human rights are the words and deeds of Jihad terrorists, al-Qaida, and Islamic terrorists masquerading as different groups in Islamic countries. Pursuant to this brutal Islamic philosophy, Jihadists consider life of infidels means no more than pebbles on a beach.
I do believe that democratic countries do not understand what faces us. I believe that the greatest danger still Imperialist Islam and all Islamic countries want to make the world into Dar-Ul-Islam and free citizens must be forced to live under Sharia Law.
Imagine the world under Sharia law and all democratic countries becoming followers of the closed dogma called Islam.
The proof of that Islam is against all freedoms, democracy, pluralism, critical inquiry, coexistence, and tolerance, is evident in its history. Islamic history and current practices amply proves that what Islam is what it stands for and how Islam relentlessly uses converted Muslins for promoting undemocratic, rigid, non-compromising Arab imperialism. Islamic Jihadist use brutal methods Including murder, violence, and oppression, sexual exploitation of women, cultural destruction and Jihad terrorism. 
Every free person everywhere , and especially in America, India, Israel and Europe  should read and understand the Koran, SHARILAW,  Hadith and Sunnah and the real intentions of Muslims and then ask ourselves , “Is that what I want for myself, my family or for my country”.
For generations, Arabia –with its vast area extending over part of Asia and with a population of 200000had been ruled by Islamists with an iron hand. Great luxury enjoyed by Arabs sheiks were matched by great poverty among the people. The poor people had no voice in the government, freedom in matters of religion. Looting, plunder and brutality, beheading, assassination, mass murder and massacre were common in dealing with the people. Arab Islamists were successful in forcefully converting and destroying indigenous culture of Egypt, Persia, Pakistan, Syria, Somalia, Sudan Yemen, Algeria, Tunisia, and parts of India.
Islam spreads to part of Europe, Africa and Asia through brutality, mass murder, plunder and looting. This continuing Islamic brutality was finally halted when Europeans were able to muster enough strength and power to halt Islamic expansion. The Islamic attacks were swift and brutal.
Of all countries, Islam attacked, India suffered the most. Islamic looter’s slogan was Allah. And Islamic invaders working with Arabic-Islamic destructive oratory thundered against pluralistic culture and Vedic values and the creation of Islamic state. We hear the shrill cries of Islam (Allah Akbar) in today’s India.
Even today, India pays a heavy price for Islamic brutalities. In Assam, a north eastern state in India, converted Muslims from Bangladesh has forcefully evicted innocent Hindus and Buddhists from their ancestral land. There are 4o million Muslims in West Bengal and Assam willing to wage a Jihad war against Hindus. In Kashmir, all Hindus are either killed, forcefully converted or forced out of their home and are currently living in filthy refugee camps. In Kerala, Muslim Jihadists have carved out a district for themselves and kicked out all Hindus from their land. There are more Islamists in India than any other country on earth. In Bihar, UP, Madhya Pradesh, Muslims are planning a corridor for themselves stretching from Afghanistan-Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Indonesia.
The International System of human rights protection built over the last 60 years is based on the understanding not only that human rights are universal, but they have transcended the sovereignty of individual states. Despite democratic countries leading role in establishing human rights for all, Islamic states are reluctant to submit to international human rights law and accept minimum standards for dealing with non-Muslims.
We demand that all Islamic countries should accept the primacy of international human rights standards.  Islamic countries must rectify without reservation all human rights treaties and human rights laws.
The use and abuse of Islamic Sharia Law by Islamic countries have taken many cruel forms in decades. For example, an Islamic Fatwa was issued in Egypt that sex with a dead woman is justified under Islamic jurisprudence. Another example is that in Pakistan, Iran and Bangladesh Hindus, Jews, Christians, Sikhs and Buddhists and all infidels can be arrested without any valid reason, prosecuted and sentenced to long term prison terms under the cruel and unusual Blasphemy laws.
Another example of Islamic countries ignoring international law was the discrimination of women in all Islamic countries. Women in Islamic countries are forbidden from higher education, jobs, driving, and marriage. Women are abused, beaten up, stoned to death for minor infractions and petty crimes in Islamic countries.
The Islamic countries argue that under the Islamic Sharia Law , the international legal system, treaties and human rights laws are inferior in status to sharia Laws.
In a direct challenge to international law, Islamic countries on several occasions claimed that the The International human rights laws are not binding on them even though international courts have considered human rights as part of customary law binding on all nations. 
Recently, I was detained at an Islamic country and I had been subjected to a lengthy interrogation without a lawyer and an official from the American Embassy. The bizarre questioning and integration was in Arabic and I did not speak or understand Arabic. I was subjected to harassment, discrimination and outright violation of liberty and human rights and I refused to answer their questions. I was told not to visit that Arab country again and the sharia judge stated that the Islamic state has not signed any international treaties and human rights law and therefore not bound by it. This episode clearly runs directly counter to the long standing principle of international law.
The brutal, uncivilized Islam can be defeated or wiped out if an alert and well informed citizenry dedicated to the preservation and promotion of our freedom and individual liberty, democracy, culture and our education.
I am reminded of an old GM advertisement for Oldsmobile car. “This not your father’s Oldsmobile.” Since Oldsmobile’s are no longer built, it may not be an apt illustration. A Muslim is a Muslim and hardened Islamists cannot or will not alter their behavior or midst.  Consciously or unconsciously people think that there are moderate Muslims, Jihad Terrorists and non-practicing Muslims among Shias or Sunnis. Amazingly, the false and fluid understanding of Islam and projecting them as peaceful has provided Islamists increased opportunities for expansion.
Deviant amplifying Islamic communities around the world supports them. We cannot change them by unconditional positive regard, appeasement or through non coercive methods. They act like a criminal without fear, guilt, shame or empathy for the victims. But a well-informed, active and dedicated citizenry can corner them contain these Jihadi terrorists and their ruthless expansion can be halted to save our country, democracy and liberty.
All freedom loving, democratic citizens from India, Israel, Europe and America must join together for an important role to play to diminish the brutal power of Islamists. They must exert considerable influence on virtually every aspect of our life including individual liberty, culture and civilized life.
Dr Suseelan is an eminent psychologist and prominent Hindu thinker.
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