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Most corrupts are in Lok Pal Panel ? Why Dr. Subramanian Swamy and Swami Ramdev are out of this panel, while these two Swamis are most prominent in their Anti Corruption Movements ?

CD dirt on Lok Pal eve.....
Bhushan files complaint, Amar sprays acid
Shanti Bhushan (top); Amar Singh
New Delhi, April 15: An audio CD has popped up in Delhi to muddy the waters on the eve of the first meeting of the joint drafting committee on Lok Pal.
The disc features purported conversation among Shanti Bhushan, a representative of the civil society supporting Anna Hazare as well as the co-chairman of the drafting panel, Amar Singh and Mulayam Singh Yadav. The alleged conversation touches upon some work apparently involving “fixing judges”.
The CD has clear voices and it appears the conversations were recorded before 2009 as former law minister H.R. Bharadwaj’s name figures.
A voice resembling that of Shanti Bhushan is heard saying that most judges are corrupt and this case won’t require more than Rs 4 crore. The same voice also says his son was making good money through public interest litigation and the Chief Justice was appointing judges for monetary considerations.
Shanti Bhushan, a former law minister, has lodged a first information report with police, disputing the authenticity of the CD and alleging a criminal conspiracy to defame him.
Prashant Bhushan, Shanti Bhushan’s son and a member of the drafting panel, said the disc appeared to be part of an organised campaign against them in the backdrop of their involvement with the Jan Lok Pal Bill.
Amar, who is no longer a part of Mulayam Singh Yadav’s Samajwadi Party, soon jumped into the fray to confound the confusion. Amar spoke to the media with gay abandon, neither categorically denying nor confirming the conversation but managing to sow many seeds of doubt.
While he tentatively denied remembering any such conversation, he said he might have had 14,000 conversations with Mulayam Singh and many of those could have been related to legal issues. He said the CD appeared to have been doctored but didn’t deny the voice was his. Shanti Bhushan denied meeting Amar ever in the recent past but the politician said he had met him only very recently. Amar also said Shanti Bhushan should now clarify if the voice in the CD was his.
Amar, who had been complaining about conversations being taped, said that while arguing a case against him in the Supreme Court, Prashant Bhushan had not only demanded that the tapes be made public but had also quoted its excerpts there.
Amar said: “When the CD is about Amar Singh, it is fine, when it is about Bhushan, it is fake. What is good for Peter Singh is good for Paul Bhushan too. It shouldn’t happen that WikiLeaks is good when it corners Manmohan Singh and it becomes wicked when it exposes Arun Jaitley.”
“I thank Anna Hazare. Gandhiji had given three monkeys to the nation, he has given two,” Amar added.
Amar said “benefit of doubt” should be accorded to the Bhushans as anything was possible with today’s technology but same rule should be applied for everyone.
Asked if he had had any such conversation with Mulayam Singh, Amar said: “After the treatment of my kidney, I have been under heavy medication. I remember my name, that is a big thing in itself.”
Amar wanted to know who made the CD, repeatedly asking, “Is Pappu ka papa kaun hai(Who has fathered this CD)?” He denied having leaked the CD himself but hinted at too many conspiracies at work.
Asked if the controversy would affect tomorrow’s meeting, minister and panel member Kapil Sibal said: “I have nothing to say. But why should we protest? We know nothing about the CD.”

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Anna Praises Modi and Modi conveys his gratitude to Anna. An unequivocal approach to one point Anti Corruption War in different ways.

Narendra Modi’s open letter to Anna Hazare

Chief Minister Narendra Modi has expressed his gratitude to Anna Hazare who led a nationwide campaign-fast against corruption, for his statement on Gujarat’s Development and CM’s leadership by publicly writing an Open Letter. He said that Anna Hazare had shown courage and fortitude and exhibited commitment to truth with a soldier-like conviction. Gujarat is grateful to him, said the chief minister.
He further said that a certain group inimical to Gujarat would not let go this opportunity to malign Anna’s fair name. On the occasion of Navratri, Modi said he prays to Maa Jagadamba so that Anna’s fair name is not sullied.
The text of the letter is as under:
Respected Annaji,
On the eighth day of fasting in the Navratri, I am inspired to write to you early at 5 O’clock in the morning.
When you were sitting on fast in Delhi, same time, I too was fasting on the occasion of Navratri, the period that symbolizes the embodiment of Divine Shakti. Indeed, I was pleased that by the grace of Maa Jagadamba, I happened to be a co-traveller in your crusade albeit indirectly.
Observing the Navratri fast and being busy in election campaign, I was fortunate to have the darshan of Mother Kamakhya in Assam. When you were fasting, naturally I did pray to Mother Kamakhya about your health and I’m sure that the divine power has been kind enough to bestow her blessings on you.
Today, I came back from Kerala campaign to Gandhinagar early morning at 2 a.m.
And it was yesterday that I got the encouraging news of your expressing kind words towards Gujarat and me.
I am fortunate and grateful to get your blessings.
Respected Annaji, my respect for you is decades old. Before I entered politics, I was full time RSS pracharak. At those time, national leaders of the RSS who came to attend our meetings invariably discussed your rural development activities so that it could be emulated. It has tremendous impact on me. In the past, I also had the good fortune of meeting you.
I and my state of Gujarat are indebted to you for the courage and conviction you showed in saying good words for me and my state. In this show of courage, you exhibited commitment to truth and a soldier-like conviction. And because of this, your opinion has been universally accepted.
I request you to also bless me that your praise shall not make me complacent and commit mistakes.
Your blessings have given me the strength to do what is right and it is good. At the same time, my responsibility has also gone high. Because of your statement, crores of youth would be having great expectations and therefore even a small mistake on my part will disappoint them. Therefore, I have to remain vigilant and seek your blessings for the same.
Respected Annaji, in this delicate moment, I must share with you that I come from a simple family and I am a common man too. In my family, no one is even distantly connected to politics or close to power; I do not have any illusion that I am a perfect human being. Like a common man, I too have my own limitations; good and bad qualities.
I pray that I am always blessed by Mother Jagadamba so that bad qualities do not take possession of me. Always thinking of doing good to Gujarat, I would devote myself to the progress of Gujarat and therefore like to wipe out the tears from the face of the poor. In doing this, I pray that I am never short of your blessings, and this is my humble request.
Respected Annaji, you are a Gandhian and a Soldier. Yesterday, during election campaign in Kerala when I heard about your blessings to me and my state, I feared that you will be subjected to vilification. A certain group inimical to -Gujarat will not miss this opportunity to malign your love, sacrifice, penance and commitment to truth. They will try to tarnish your name because you spoke well of me and my state.
As luck would have it, this has come true. Once again, these inimical forces have come to the fore. On the occasion of Navratri, I pray to Maa Jagadamba that no one sullies your fair name.
You will be aware that whosoever talks good of Gujarat, he or she will be subjected to the vilification campaign.
In the past, a senior Muslim parliamentarian from Canoor constituency hailing from the Communist Party Shri P. Abdulla Kutty was ostracized from the party following his praise of Gujarat’s development.
The superstar of this century, Shri Amitabh Bachchan when he promoted Gujarat Tourism, was also attacked by the same group of inimical forces. They spread falsehoods against Bachchan so as to snap his old ties with Gujarat. At a public function in Mumbai where he was invited, this group stopped him from entering to the venue.
Also, a campaign was let loose to malign the leading Gandhian of Gujarat Shri Gunavant Shah who is speaking for the atma-gaurav of Gujarat and development of Gujarat.
Maulana Ghulam Vastanavi of Gujarat who was elected as Head of the Darul Uloom of Deoband has also been subjected to vilification campaign when he praised the development of Gujarat. He had publicly said that Gujarat is surging ahead on the road of fast paced development, and without any religious discrimination everybody is reaping the fruits of this development. Soon, he has been silenced by constant harassment by the same forces.
Recently, Major General I. S. Singha of Golden Katara Division of Indian Army when he praised the development of Gujarat he too was subjected the same treatment by the same forces and there was even a demand for disciplinary action against the Major General.
These are only a few examples. But Gujarat’s real developmental journey is an anathema to this group bent upon heaping calumny on my state. Whenever the name of Gujarat is mentioned these forces immediately swing into action to spread canards and falsehoods.
Respected Annaji, Gujarat’s six crore people do not want that the same group should sadden you.
I am still afraid that, this group will put you in trouble. May God give you strength.
I humbly bow to the sacrifices and penances you have made for the country.
Let the Almighty bless you with supreme health and long life so that many like me would benefit from your guidance. This is my prayer to the God from core of my heart.
Narendra Modi
April 11, 2011, Navratri

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Self-styled crusaders against corruption want to use Anna Hazare as a playboy of the big NGOs clubbed into Anti Hindu propagation.

Anna Hazare’s Campaign - truly Gandhian, truly evil - I

Radha Rajan || 11th April, 2011 || VIGIL on Line.

The End Result 
The truth is simple and direct. Anna Hazare has replaced Baba Ramdev as the central figure in the nation’s war against corruption in exactly the same way that Gandhi replaced Tilak and Aurobindo within the Indian National Congress; and for the exact same reasons: no people’s movement in Hindu bhumi will be allowed to be led by a conscious Hindu, no campaign in this country will be allowed to wear a Hindu face; the critical difference being as events proved, Ramdev is no Aurobindo.
Aurobindo, having studied and judged Gandhi for what he was, was not impressed by Gandhi’s premature, motivated and imposed mahatma-hood, was not intimidated by his undeserved stature and refused to meet Gandhi anytime in both their lifetimes. Not so Baba Ramdev and as we read from newspaper reports, not the RSS either. Living up to the writer’s firm and disheartening belief that Hindu organizations and Hindu religious and political leaders doing politics, armed with nothing more than their colossal egos
  1. have no political sense;
  2. can be intimidated into compliance
  3. can be coerced into proving their imposed inclusive credentials by being seen in the company of non-Hindus and anti-Hindus in their work,
  4. can be pressured into sailing with the wind even if the wind is leading them astray
Baba Ramdev belittled his saffron robes and the RSS demonstrated appalling poor judgment by visiting the hero of the Cheltenham tragedy at Jantar Mantar to extend their support - support which he did not need, did not acknowledge or respect.

Baba Ramdev and the RSS, who stood in Hazare’s shadow and sang the chorus to his NGO-authored song, urgently need lessons in political history - the Hindu view of the freedom struggle and its end result to be exact. 

Sonia Gandhi and her minions in English television news channels were taken aback when Baba Ramdev galvanized the nation against endemic corruption afflicting every arm of the state and every aspect of public life. Reeling under the still unfolding saga of meta-corruption, the Congress party denounced Baba Ramdev’s foray into politics and advised him to confine himself to giving tummy-tucking lessons in Yoga.

Baba Ramdev’s campaign against corruption, which was seen as attacking the Congress and its imported President, had an explosive beginning on February 27 at Ramlila grounds in Delhi with a blood-curdling mammoth gathering of around two lakh people; but all major English newspapers and English TV news channels, in stark contrast to their contrived hysteria over Anna Hazare’s campaign, either blacked out entirely or made only passing reference to the start of what would soon become Baba Ramdev’s cataclysmic campaign against corruption in public life.

Baba Ramdev followed Delhi with Goa, Chennai and Bangalore and at every stop the movement against corruption gathered unstoppable momentum. Sonia Gandhi and her handlers in the Generic Church had to move fast to stop the Ramdev juggernaut and contain the damage.

The writer had observed on an earlier occasion that the Church has the unmatched capacity to turn all events, including adversities, adroitly in its favour. In less than two months the Church changed the face of the people’s movement against corruption. The saffron-clad Hindu religious face of the movement was replaced by the Gandhi cap; and Baba Ramdev’s movement which was aimed directly at Sonia Gandhi was now turned into a movement directed by Sonia’s minions in the NGO industry.

The Church and the world feel safe again as idiot Hindus - film stars, students, upwardly mobile professionals, lawyers, judges and politicians - indulged their craving for catharsis to cleanse their corrupt, guilt-ridden souls and gathered penitently around Anna Hazare’s toothless belligerence under the Gandhi cap. 
Breaking his thunderous ‘fast-unto-death’ in just 97 hours, the first thing that Anna Hazare said was, "The most significant thing about this movement was that it had no religion". What Sonia Gandhi and her NGO industry speaking through Hazare actually meant was Baba Ramdev and by extension all Hindus had been effectively de-fanged and marginalized. This was now Sonia’s show all the way. 
Read the full story here....
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Anna Hazare ends fast, says "Be prepared for a bigger battle".. "it is not easy to pass the bills"... "if win - people will celebrate it from Lal Kila, otherwise I will be there for my last fasting unto death"

Hazare ends fast, says fight has begun

Sandeep Joshi | The Hindu | Sat Apr 09 2011

Gazette notification issued on constitution of joint committee to prepare draft Lokpal Bill
Anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare called off his five-day-old hunger strike on Saturday morning after receiving a gazette notificationfrom the Centre regarding constitution of a joint committee, comprising members from the government and civil society, for preparation of the draft Lokpal Bill.
Celebrations broke out at Jantar Mantar, the site of Mr. Hazare's fast, and also across the country with Mr. Hazare's supporters rejoicing the social activist's “victory” for a stronger anti-corruption law. On the other hand, the government heaved a sigh of relief as the protest was spreading fast as more and more citizens and celebrities were joining Mr. Hazare's movement.
After ending his fast-unto-death, Mr. Hazare addressed a huge gathering of his supporters and pointed out that this was just the beginning of the fight against corruption. “Our responsibility has now increased… we will ensure that the Lokpal Bill is passed before August 15 [2011],” the social activist said, and urged the people to take up other crucial issues such as decentralisation of power and electoral reforms.
Though the agreement between Mr. Hazare's emissaries and the government was reached on Friday night, with the latter conceding the social activist's demands, he refused to break his indefinite fast till the Centre issued a government order.
However, the government went a step ahead and issued a gazette notification early in the morning. But it was not an easy task for the government as officials of the Ministry of Law and Justice had to burn midnight oil to prepare the draft and get it notified.
The notification said the Joint Drafting Committee would “commence its work forthwith and evolve its own procedure to prepare the proposed legislation.” It is supposed to complete its work latest by June 30, 2011. Meanwhile, government sources said the committee was likely to hold its first meeting next week.

The 10-member Joint Drafting Committee will have five Cabinet members — Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee (chairman), Home Minister P. Chidamabaram, Law Minister Veerappa Moily (convenor), Telecom and HRD Minister Kapil Sibal and Water Resources Minister Salman Khurshid. Apart from Mr. Hazare, civil society will be represented by the former Law Minister, Shanti Bhushan (co-chairperson), the former Supreme Court Judge, Justice N. Santosh Hegde, lawyer Prashant Bhushan and RTI activist Arvind Kejriwal. 

Power hungry politicians won't accept 'tough' bill on corruption: Hazare

New Delhi | Sat Apr 09 2011| Indian Express

Anna broke the fast.
People in Ralegan Siddhi celebrate as India celebrates
throughout the country to love more Anna Hazare

Gandhian Anna Hazare ended his 98-hour hunger strike after government issued a gazette notification constituting a 10-member Joint Committee to draft an effective Lok Pal Bill, but he pledged a long struggle against corruption and for reform of the electoral system.

The 73-year-old anti-corruption campaigner called off his fast-unto-death campaign on the fifth day with a little girl giving him a glass of lime juice at 10.45 am at Jantar Mantar, the nerve-centre of the campaign for a strong law to combat political and administrative graft.
Earlier, Hazare offered water to some women, among the over 300 activists who had joined the fast saying it was a victory of people's power. Celebrations broke out instantaneously in the capital and cities across the country.
"This just the beginning of the fight against corruption. Our responsibility has now increased," he said, setting August 15 as the deadline for the passage of the Lok Pal Bill. Read details here.......

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Victory for Anna Hazare and India as Government bends to Anti Corruption Issue.

Victory at threshold for Anna Hazare and India as government bends to people's power of action.

Jantar Mantar | New Delhi | 8th March 2011 | Anna Hazare announced that he will call off his four-day-old hunger strike Saturday morning, saying the government had conceded most of the demands related to a stringent Lokpal Bill to combat corruption in India.
More than 83 hours after he launched his fast in the heart of the capital, Anna Hazare told reporters and frenzied supporters: 'From the way the government has accepted (our demands), the people of India have won.'
10:30 pm: 'It is a victory of the democracy,' Human Resources Development Minister Kapil Sibal said of the accord that had been reached on forming a joint committee of ministers and civil society leaders to draft an anti-graft legislation that had prompted social reformer Anna Hazare to announce that he would end Saturday morning his fast-unto-death undertaken for the measure.

9:00 pm: Anna Hazare announced that he was continuing with his fast demanding a stringent Lokpal Bill and said he expected a final government response on Saturday.

'Our fast is not over,' Anna Hazare said addressing thousands of frenzied supporters in the heart of the capital, amid speculation that the standoff with the government had ended.

8:15 pm: Indicating progress in talks with the government on the proposed formation of a committee for drafting the Lokpak Bill, the emissaries of Anna Hazare said he will soon announce his decision which people would be happy to hear. 

"There is some progress in talks with government. Message is to be conveyed to Hazare," activist Arvind Kejriwal, who is one of the three emissaries, said after a meeting with Union HRD Minister Kapil Sibal, Law Minister Veerappa Moily and Minority Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid. Read on

7:30 pm: India Inc came out with strong support for social activist Anna Hazare's fast-unto-death to demand a stringent anti-graft law. 

'I think it is extremely important. We have talked about this for a while. First, you have said there is corruption in India and in many ways it seemed we had accepted it as a fact of life,' Sunil Munjal, chairman of Hero Corporate Services, told.

'But the amount and number of scandals which have broken out in recent times, it has made people sit up and take notice and say this is enough. We need to fix this problem, and so I see in many ways what we are seeing in this movement is a sign of the same thing,' he added.

7:00 pm: Anna Hazare demanded appointment of a chairman and a co-chairman for the proposed joint committee to draft an effective Lokpal Bill and rejected the government's offer of setting up of the committee by a letter of the Law Ministry. Read here the almost minute to minute exclusive report at yahoo here.

Hazare to end fast on Saturday, agreement reached with govt

Hazare has been on fast-unto-death demanding formation of a committee to draft an effective Bill.

Courtesy : Yahoo | Indian express | Agencies.

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Anna Hazare's fast enters Day 3. Bigger Public Agitation apprehended. Govt. in dilemma.

On Day 3, Centre offers olive branch to Hazare

SANDEEP JOSHI || The Hindu || 7th March 2011

Extending an olive branch to anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare, whose fast-unto-death entered the third day on Thursday, the Union government began negotiations with his representatives and even agreed to some of their demands.
While the government said it would set up an informal joint committee for drafting the Lokpal Bill, Mr. Hazare is demanding that it be officially notified to ensure legal validity. Also, there is no consensus on who will head the committee.
Union Minister Kapil Sibal, on being deputed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, met Mr. Hazare's representatives — RTI campaigner Arvind Kejriwal and social activist Swami Agnivesh — twice during the day.
After the first round of talks, both parties stuck to their positions but later ironed out some of the differences.
While the government agreed to form a joint draft committee for the Bill but without notifying it due to “technical reasons,” the two negotiators wanted it officially notified.
Similarly, while the government wanted Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee to lead the committee, the activists wanted Mr. Hazare to head it.
However, the two negotiators later said the committee should be headed by a retired Supreme Court judge.
“We had two rounds of constructive discussions…we need more time. We will meet again tomorrow [Friday]…we can evolve a procedure with which we can move ahead,” Mr. Sibal told journalists after the meetings.
The government was ready to form a joint committee immediately, comprising five members each from the government and civil society, and also introduce the Lokpal Bill in the monsoon session of Parliament, he said.
Later, Mr. Kejriwal told The Hindu: “The government has agreed to speed up the entire process and leave out Ministers from the committee who are busy with elections.”
Asked why they were adamant on official notification of the committee, he said: “It has to have some legal sanctity…It was needed to ensure that the government does not make a fool of us.”

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