Sunday, April 17, 2011

Most corrupts are in Lok Pal Panel ? Why Dr. Subramanian Swamy and Swami Ramdev are out of this panel, while these two Swamis are most prominent in their Anti Corruption Movements ?

CD dirt on Lok Pal eve.....
Bhushan files complaint, Amar sprays acid
Shanti Bhushan (top); Amar Singh
New Delhi, April 15: An audio CD has popped up in Delhi to muddy the waters on the eve of the first meeting of the joint drafting committee on Lok Pal.
The disc features purported conversation among Shanti Bhushan, a representative of the civil society supporting Anna Hazare as well as the co-chairman of the drafting panel, Amar Singh and Mulayam Singh Yadav. The alleged conversation touches upon some work apparently involving “fixing judges”.
The CD has clear voices and it appears the conversations were recorded before 2009 as former law minister H.R. Bharadwaj’s name figures.
A voice resembling that of Shanti Bhushan is heard saying that most judges are corrupt and this case won’t require more than Rs 4 crore. The same voice also says his son was making good money through public interest litigation and the Chief Justice was appointing judges for monetary considerations.
Shanti Bhushan, a former law minister, has lodged a first information report with police, disputing the authenticity of the CD and alleging a criminal conspiracy to defame him.
Prashant Bhushan, Shanti Bhushan’s son and a member of the drafting panel, said the disc appeared to be part of an organised campaign against them in the backdrop of their involvement with the Jan Lok Pal Bill.
Amar, who is no longer a part of Mulayam Singh Yadav’s Samajwadi Party, soon jumped into the fray to confound the confusion. Amar spoke to the media with gay abandon, neither categorically denying nor confirming the conversation but managing to sow many seeds of doubt.
While he tentatively denied remembering any such conversation, he said he might have had 14,000 conversations with Mulayam Singh and many of those could have been related to legal issues. He said the CD appeared to have been doctored but didn’t deny the voice was his. Shanti Bhushan denied meeting Amar ever in the recent past but the politician said he had met him only very recently. Amar also said Shanti Bhushan should now clarify if the voice in the CD was his.
Amar, who had been complaining about conversations being taped, said that while arguing a case against him in the Supreme Court, Prashant Bhushan had not only demanded that the tapes be made public but had also quoted its excerpts there.
Amar said: “When the CD is about Amar Singh, it is fine, when it is about Bhushan, it is fake. What is good for Peter Singh is good for Paul Bhushan too. It shouldn’t happen that WikiLeaks is good when it corners Manmohan Singh and it becomes wicked when it exposes Arun Jaitley.”
“I thank Anna Hazare. Gandhiji had given three monkeys to the nation, he has given two,” Amar added.
Amar said “benefit of doubt” should be accorded to the Bhushans as anything was possible with today’s technology but same rule should be applied for everyone.
Asked if he had had any such conversation with Mulayam Singh, Amar said: “After the treatment of my kidney, I have been under heavy medication. I remember my name, that is a big thing in itself.”
Amar wanted to know who made the CD, repeatedly asking, “Is Pappu ka papa kaun hai(Who has fathered this CD)?” He denied having leaked the CD himself but hinted at too many conspiracies at work.
Asked if the controversy would affect tomorrow’s meeting, minister and panel member Kapil Sibal said: “I have nothing to say. But why should we protest? We know nothing about the CD.”

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