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The arrest of Abu Jindal - The 26/11 Handler. Will the Truth of 26/11 now be revealed?


 Titu Shadowson
Asansol News (Special Research Bureau)
June 26, 2012; New Delhi:
Finally Indian intelligence agencies have one more Qasab, that is however a handler rather than a simple operator. Abu Jundal whose arrests have been made yesterday at IGI airport has come up with stern reaction from the common Muslim mass. When Times Now went to his native village the local Muslims blamed the police as having framed his arrest. nice, Islam doesn’t support terrorism, but when you catch a terrorist who is Muslim, then all hell comes down. 

Abu Jundal arrested, will he reveal all?
But that is not my point. I want to ask how big is this nab, will Abu Jundal reveal what is hidden from police and public? Will he reveal that the attackers who came in India were not 10, they were 16?
If you ask any Indian, whom he hates after the terrorists, he would point out a man inside the Khaki. These men in khaki have earned so many titles by their behaviors. Thieves in uniform, dacoits in uniform are only to shortlist two. They could not save the citizens from misery, they only stood on the public’s comic expectations that they are all bogus. And now they are taking credits for inexistent achievements. When Mumbai police commissioner Hassan Gafoor held a press conference to tell the people that they have been freed from risk, most of the people took it as just another lie from the liars.
Hassan and his ill-trained men in khaki were already in extreme of mess, they could not afford to invite another burden on them by telling that they are unable to track who are still at large.
When they were to be nabbed, khakis let them have safe pass, and when they are hiding, khakis are shadowing them.
Hassan categorically denied all ‘rumors’ about the presence of more than 10 terrorists in the city, that most of the public believes only because the media warriors have cut a bloody cease fire deal with the men in khaki.
As far as the Mumbai police is concerned in whose area the D-company had grown, which started being viewed as Muslimabad by the ISI, this kind of statements suits, but reality points out something else. They were not just 10, they 16.
Here are the proofs.

When the interrogators grilled Qasab, the latter confessed to being trained in Pakistan. His confession letter has this to say about the squad he was trained in.
Initially we were 32…….16 of us were taken away and were sent for a mission in Kashmir…….2 months ago 3 of the remaining 16 flew as they were not able to keep pace with the strenuous training. They were never seen again. We remained only 13 then. The commanders inserted 3 new boys to keep the number again 16. Islmail khan (killed in Girgaun chaupati encounter) was among those 3 newly inserted men. On 15 September
2008 when the final team selection took place, only 10 were selected for the mission and
Ismail was declared as the captain of the squad.”
For our great police spokesperson it was enough to ensure the number 10. But here is something to note.
Firstly, the statement indirectly points out that the plan was designed to be conducted by 16 operatives.
16 are selected for a mission in Kashmir, when 3 flies away then the number is again made 16 by insertion. Doesn’t it point something? Their urge to make a team of 16 only?
Secondly, if Qasab thinks that only because Indian intelligence don’t sponsor terror corps, it has no knowledge of what they can think and what they can do, he should have tried pretending to be a RAW operative than a so called Hindu Zionist. 3 buggers, who can’t even play a terrorist, can make out the terror campus but not out of the invisible security firewalls of these terror corps. They are generally treated as AWOL or some bugs belonging hostile secret services. The terrorist top bosses would search them, and chop their heads before the other trainees to illustrate a message that they can never tolerate two things; first, pork enter inside the camp and second, an under-trainee out of the campus. The AWOL or absentees-without-leave story doesn’t play good.
Thirdly, when they were being trained with special focus in Mumbai, how Ismail who entered into the squad just before the final moments can become the captain of the team? The others are obviously better trained when this mission is concerned.
Also its good to note that the buddy pairs were formed keeping in mind the coordination, affection and love between the two. Qasab and Ismail formed buddy pair because Ismail was close to him more than anyone else. How could someone who just appeared two months ago, win the confidence than those who were with him for last 16 months? This is although possible because love knows no bound of time but a strategy for spec ops knows. Qasab’s emotion is respected, but Ismail can’t become team leader if he was absent for the major duration of the training.
The reality is, Ismail was always there and they were always 16. You can train a terrorist to endure the 3rd degree torture, can train him the tactics how to misleadinterrogators temporarily but you can never stuff some brain in him.

There are media reports pointing to the presence of extra elements in the city even when the prophets of death were holed up in their target locations.
A lady who was shot at Cama hospital and was admitted in the same for treatment, told the media persons that she was not shot by any prophet of peace but by an angel of death. She was shot by a lady terrorist.
If someone thinks that the lady in the bed did a publicity stunt, he/she should try being shot by some terrorist and then talk about publicity stunts. It was the time when none even thought in a nightmare to become evidence of the 26/11 trial. If all the great anti terrorist squad officers could not save the high profile corporate guys and girls, how can a common man feel safe in a bus or train that seem like a big coffin running on tracks?
There was a taxi driver in Thane who on the late night of 26/11/2008 carried two foreign looking men who were conversing with each other in a language that resembled something like Pashtun. They were talking in low voice to each other ensuring that even the driver seating on the front seat can’t manage to hear a chunk of words. They were aged between 25 to 28 years who were clad in similar cargo and t- shirts and carrying similar huge bags.
The next day in his spare time when he tuned to the radio to listen some songs, he could not believe his ears. They were dressed in cargo and t-shirt that is comfortable to carry out combat. They had huge blue bags full ammunitions. Their tongue is north Pakistani.
He rushed to the police station to submit the intelligence.
If anyone thinks that only because this man has not been shot, he can genuinely launch a publicity stunt, then he/she may try to carry any mortally injured man to hospital. The he should look at the courteous face of the men in khaki.
You tell them the location of terrorists and they will catch you as the brother of the terrorists.
The town of Thane has one more fact that can associate it with terror attacks on Mumbai.
On 19 September a girl in Thane received two SMS from her jihadist boyfriend Mohammed Khalid Khalil
Khan. One of the messages read;
This is my last message. I am going to become a jihadi. You take care.
The next message warned her to ride in any local train for some days. 27 September was the actual date they were going to strike, that was postponed due to sudden breakdown of the Indian Mujahidin
module in Delhi L-18 encounter. And the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal station was one of the key targets that were under strike.
The IED’s that they carried had timers that could be set to blow after as long as 192 hours or 8 days. CST is the closest station to Thane and there are so many trains running between them.
The girl never thought whom she loves and who pretends to love her, is such a hypocrite. This chap can love her, and with the same heart can harbor hatred to the parents who brought her to this world, to the religion that is her identity. If that is called love, then even a rapist is a lover.
When those people whom I slammed calling fundamentalists, told me that yours is not love, I didn’t give a damn to them. When they asked me how the same guy, who hates my religion, can love me, I never gave it a thought. When they said that a day will come when he would plot a bomb for your co-religious people and someone from your family may die, I ignored it. And today I hear the truth directly from you? You think you can still stay in my heart? You think you can keep me alive only to pollute me? The girl introspected in a closed room, but she was courageous enough not connect herself to the ceiling fan with her bed sheet; instead she reached to the police station with her family.
The same day it was out in media. In the IBN 7 Hindi website it appeared as follows.

Khalid Khlil Khan report

When the dinghy that the terrorists used to reach to the shores of Mumbai was seized, the investigative officers recovered 16 blankets and 15 jackets.
Below is the list of them with colors.

Name of the label                                                           Color
JB                                                                                   Black
SEQUENCE                                                                      Green
 LY CLOTTING                                                                 Green
DEEP NORTH                                                                   Black
COMPLYSIS                                                                     Black
SNAILS                                                                            Gray
ORIGINS (MADE IN HONGKONG)                                      Black
MYNAR                                                                             Blue
TRANSPORT                                                                     Blue
CELEMACE (MADE IN INDONASIA)                                   Green
 FALCON SPORTS WEAR                                                 Blue
TREES PASS                                                                    Black
DONNAY                                                                           Black
STANNO                                                                           Black
VAMS                                                                               Brown

They got 16 blankets too.
It automatically raised one suspicion in the mind of the investigators, none wears more than one jackets or covers himself under more than one blankets. And did the lady not wear jacket, or she carried it away? And they were analyzing the reason behind the difference between the numbers of jackets and
blankets, some of them probably gave the theory of the lady terrorist a benefit of doubt.
But when they saw Hassan Gafoor in his confident tone declaring the 16-men theory as bullshit, they formed similar opinion for the great cops too.
Even during the decoding process of the communications between the terrorists, the cyber experts found that three Austrian Direct Inward Dialing or DID numbers were used that they had already registered viz. 43720880764, 43720880767 and  43720880768. In fact the plotters requested the Austrian authorities 5 more numbers to be assigned that were not possible to be made available right then.
That means 8 DID numbers were their need.
If they planned to give each of the buddy pair one DID number, then it signifies the presence of 8 such buddy pairs i.e. 16 operatives. Is there any logical calculation that can explain 8 DID numbers for 10 operatives?
The interrogators found the log sheet maintained by the crew, which was part of the dossier that
government of India handed over to Pakistan.
It shows that the duty period in their journey was distributed.  At the page number 35 of Annexure 5 of the main document, the table has been written in Urdu. It can be transcribed in English as follows.

Names of the crew members Timing in hours (24 hours format)
Fahadullah + Saqib + Muheeb 0600 – 0800
Ali + Hayazi + Umar 0800 – 1000
Ismail + Qayahiz + Umer 1000 – 1200
Fahadullah 1200 – 1400
Ali 1400 – 1600
Ismail 1600 – 1800
Fahadullah 1800 – 2000
Ali 2000 – 2200
And here is the picture of the original log sheet of the crew.

the log sheet of the terror crew

After this, look at the identity and alias of the 10 terrorists given in the introduction of the dossier except Qasab.

the list of the 10 terrorists

There are 4 new names viz. Saqib, Muheeb, Hayazi and Qayahiz that were present in the log sheet but not in the list of the 10 as popularly known.
This clearly proves that there are more than 10. Where have the 4 gone missing?
The investigators in the charge sheet of the Mumbai attack case have though mentioned that Hayazi is alias of Hafiz Arshad and Saqib is the alias of Abdar Rehman, only to make the facts seem logical. Surprisingly they seem more illogical since they already have aliases, where is the need for this new one? Even then where are Muheeb and Qayahiz?
Probably the others were instructed to carry out their missions later, that’s why Qasab mislead them and so that his comrades could not be traced.
The fifth page of the log sheet gives a clue to the presence of 16 operatives.

the target lists written by them

It reads

Colaba, Cuffe Parade, Machlimar Nagar, Rajabhai Tower, Regal Chowk, Nathalal Marg, Nariman Point, WTC, Regal cinema.
At the first look, the number above may look like some code but it’s actually a card number for
recharge. The SMS communications between the terrorists and their controller proves this. First I would like to share the SMS transcripts to prove my claim and then explain the rest of the story.

terror sms details

It can easily be observed that a similar number stands for some card number. The first seven digits are identical.Now let’s decode the other parts of the page.
These are names of key locations in Mumbai that are soft targets for any hardcore terrorist organization. There is very slight difference between the natures of the locations that can be categorized into two types, open targets and closed targets.
Rajabhai Tower, WTC and Regal Cinema are those which fall in the closed type where one has so many
covers and vantage environment to create hostage situation and rest all fall in open type where one is open target with no cover to hide. When the terrorists strike, they just wreck havoc in those open targets and pass by just like they did in the streets of Mumbai. They get holed up only in the closed targets like hotel Taj and Oberoi. Once a group gets holed up in some place they never think of moving to anywhere else, that’s why those who stormed into the hotels never got outside. Qasab and Ismail were roaming for somewhere to hole up because they were misinformed about the existence of a second floor of the Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Station.
Who would take control over these three closed targets viz. Rajabhai Tower, Regal Chowk and WTC? Obviously not those already holed up!
The only possibility is 3 more buddy pairs i.e. 6 more operatives that make a total 16.
There are telephonic evidences that even when terrorists were engaging the Indian security agencies inside hotels, there were some terrorists faced by none who were waiting in relaxed mode for the command from the command center.
At the midnight 1am the RAW’s signal intelligence unit intercepted a phone call routed to Pakistan on 1st
December, that said, “kaam ho gaya, 7-8 bande abhibhi udhar hain.” (The task has been complete, 7-8 men are still there). When the RAW facilities zoomed in to find out the exact location of the place, they found it to be somewhere outside the hotel. Then it would have been from Qasab or Ismail, one can think. But reality is that the former had been captured by the cops and the latter had been shot dead. All the other 8 were shot dead by the brave NSG officers by 28 November. Then who made the call on 1st December? Here is the media report for the same.

there are 7-8 men still there

There is one more telephonic evidence on the same day before the attack began, at time of mid-day. LeT second in command Yusuf Muzammil called on 26 November a Bangladeshi number belonging to LeT operative Yahiya Mujahid through satellite phone. He asked for 5 more SIM cards for their operatives. It should be noted that it is the same Yahiya who arranged the 32 SIM cards from key Muslim areas of Kolkata, based on false identities. What can be the significance of this call intercepted by RAW officers?
It’s not possible for their assets in Kolkata to deliver the SIM cards to the 10 men group which was supposed to embark in mission immediately. The handover process of the SIMs would take at least 2 days, that’s the normal journey time to reach Mumbai from Kolkata by train. They don’t use airways to avoid their travelling data being recorded.
This clearly means that the SIMs were meant for some other 5 members. One question can be raised here, why didn’t LeT plotters hand them the Sims they would need. The reason is the risk elimination process. God prohibits, if some of them gets caught, all of them can be tracked. So the plotters didn’t want that investigators to track those communications by knowing the phone numbers and that’s why they needed new unknown numbers.
I think this much proof is enough to get the readers a hint that if I go to bathroom for a refreshment
after listening to the claims made by Hassan Gafoor, none would blame me to be a crazy, nor will any media know-it-all call me a theorist.
But even then the question remains, if some of them made it to be at large, where the hell they went then?
Will the NIA show its ability to come out with real facts ? will Abu Jundal reveal?

Author's identity: Titu Shadowson has written a book on 26/11 with shocking revelations that can shake the corridor of power. Author can be reached at Publishers are welcome.

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Hindu Existence site has been blocked by Autocrat Authority in India

Hindu Existence site has been blocked by Autocrat Authority without serving any notice even.

New Delhi | 24 June, 2012 :: The popular Hindu Existence blogsite ( has been censored by Govt authorities in India perhaps for publishing the news below demanding only Hindu Candidates in Top posts in the country.

The blog has been disappeared from most  of the regions but seen in Maharashtra. After opening the site, this notice comes as "This website/URL has been blocked until further notice either pursuant to Court orders or on the Directions issued by the Department of Telecommunications"his website/URL has been blocked until further notice either pursuant to Court orders or on the Directions issued by the Department of Telecommunications"

Upananda Brahmachari, Editor of Hindu Existence expressed his concerned through facebook as : Again this time my blog been blocked by the SATANIC SECULAR FORCE in GOI under this notification: ""This website/URL has been blocked until further notice either pursuant to Court orders or on the Directions issued by the Department of Telecommunications"". I have not been served with any notice to my email at or

Further he wrote : This is the ruthless persecution upon a Hindu Activist who is trying to start a Hindu Freedom Movement again. Please keep your blessings upon me intact and advice accordingly. Please help me and tell the matter to your friends in Judiciary.

Dr. Radhashyam Brhmachari, eminent Hindu Scholar commented upon this matter as " Indians enjoy freedom of speech even less than that enjoyed by the people of Bangladesh."

No Muslim or Christian candidate for Prez or PM post in Bharat.

Posted by hinduexistence on June 22, 2012

RSS hits out at Nitish Kumar over ‘anti Hindu’ & ‘secular PM’ remarks.

RSS Hits Out at Nitish Over ’Secular PM‘ Remarks
PTI, Latur, 20 June: Amid the flutter created by Nitish Kumar’s remark that NDA’s Prime Ministerial candidate should have secular credentials, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat today hit out at the Bihar Chief Minister, saying he was pandering to his vote bank.
“Nitish Kumar has said NDA’s Prime Ministerial candidate for 2014 elections should be secular. He has made the statement so that his vote bank remains intact,” Bhagwat told a meeting of RSS volunteers here.
According to those present in the meeting which was out of bounds for the media, Bhagwat also described Hinduism as an “all-inclusive” religion and wondered why a “Hinduwadi” should not become the Prime Minister.
“Hinduism is the religion of humanism. You are right and we are also right, Hinduism follows this broad philosophy,” he was quoted as having said.
Is there any Hindu person has been elected  so far as President or Prime Minister in any Muslim or Christian Majority Country for a single instance?                     

Then why a Muslim or Christian person will be the President or Prime Minister in Hindu Majority Bharat?

We want no Muslim or Christian candidate for Presidential or Prime Ministerial post in Bharat (India).

There are 153 Christian States; 52 Islamic States; 12 Buddhist States & 1 Jewish State in this world. Then why there is no Hindu State for 100 crores of Hindus in this world. Declare Bharat and Nepal as HINDU STATE immediately.   ~ Hindu Existence. 
To keep alive the Hindu ideology, the Hindu ‘samaaj’ should come together and the country should have a prime minister who believes in that ideology or propounds that view, he is reported to have said.
In Delhi, RSS spokesperson Ram Madhav said that Hindutva is the “true synonym” for secularism and is liberal as it embraces all other religions.
“To portray it (Hindutva) as anti-secular is not correct and narrow minded. Hindutva is the true synonym for secularism… We have always felt that Hindutva is the ideological anchor of RSS and it is liberal, all embracing and a secular idea,” he told reporters.
He also said that what its chief Mohan Bhagwat said while addressing its swayamsevaks should not be viewed in the context of the present political situation in the country.
“It is uncalled for to link his view to day-to-day happenings on the political front and statements of certain leaders,” Madhav said.
Without naming Nitish Kumar for terming Hindutva as not being secular, Madhav said everyone has the right to put forth their views in democracy, but maintained that secularism and Hindutva are not opposed to each other.
Kumar had said yesterday that the NDA’s Prime Ministerial candidate should be somebody with “secular credentials”, in an apparent bid to give a thumbs down to his Gujarat counterpart Narendra Modi who is being touted as the first choice of the BJP for the PM’s post.
The Bihar Chief Minister has yesterday stressed that the NDA should declare its Prime Ministerial candidate in advance saying, “this leader should be acceptable to every constituent of the alliance. To me, the leader of the coalition should have secular credentials.”
Kumar has made known his unease with Narendra Modi a number of times earlier because of which the Gujarat Chief Minister was kept away from campaigning in Bihar during the last Lok Sabha and Assembly elections.
Courtesy : PTI | Bengal Newz.