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Regenerating a Hindu Media again in India.

Regenerating a Hindu Media again in India

In reply to the How the subversive media in India goes against “India and her people”? as written in the Hindu Existence, one erudite Debabrata Mandal wrote to the writer of the above article as below :

Dear Sir,

Let us think in a different way.

I suggest you to read a book, "Gideon's Spies: The Secret History of the MOSSAD" written by Gordon Thomas, a former Mossad agent turned journalist which gathers evidence that more than one million Jews worldwide aid Mossad regularly.  Now think, that more than one million Jews actively aid Mossad; on the basis of which, it functions;  Mossad = the fiercest secret intelligence in the solar family.
RSS claims that it has 9 million members in India.

Now, if each of the 9 million members aid Rs 100, "Nationalist Indians" can establish 9 well equipped TV channels in India.

If each of them aid Rs 100 more, "Nationalist Indians" can build 5 medical colleges and hospitals which can challenge the standard of Christian Medical College and hospital, Vellore.

If each of them aid Rs 100 more, "Nationalist Indians" can build 8 colleges which can challenge the standard of St. Stephen's college/St. Xavier's colleges.

If each of them aid Rs 100 more, "Nationalist Indians" can build the foundation of a banking system which provides loans, business guidance and training to the poor Hindu youth in an much easier terms and conditions and help them to set up small business and which will work and thrive on the basis of a well organised social business.

For doing all this, they just have to spend (Rs 100+ Rs 100+ Rs 100+ Rs 100) = Rs 400.
Thinking in another way. There are around 2 million Hindus now live in USA. if each of this 2 million Hindus aid $ 100, then..................................

A small footnote:   After the deadly earthquake in Sichuan province of China in May 2008, Chinese People donated $ 1.57 billion for their fellow brothers in Sichuan in the first three weeks after the earthquake. in the meantime China received total $ 120 million aid from all other countries worldwide. you can understand, this $ 120 million is very small in compare to the huge amount $ 1.57 billion, which Chinese people raised by themselves. Chinese government would have returned this $ 120 million, but she did not, because it would be a bad manner.

Anyway, we cannot do such thing in India. After all, India is a country where COWS used to be considered more sacred than some group of HUMANS before just a hundred years, and....................................................

"No drug, not even alcohol, causes the fundamental ills of society. If we are looking for the source of our troubles, we should not test people for drugs, we should test them for stupidity, ignorance, greed and lust of power"--------P J O' Rourke.

- Debabrata Mandal

In reply to above Upananda Brahmachari elucidates:


Thanks for sending your kind notes upon the related matter.

But, you instigated me to reply in a different way.

Giving assent largely to your views, I would like to consider the following points.

I am not to criticize any organization in any manner but to point out the total accumulation of money from the cadres of organization and from its well-wishers is not small anyway and nearer to your estimates. The manner of incurring it always depends upon the policy matter framed by that organization.

Once RSS had its daily English paper named "Motherland" from Delhi, which was crushed by Mrs. Gandhi during emergency. It never got the scope to come back. Organiser has below 35,000 circulations, Panchajanya below 40,000, Swastika below 15,000, as I think. All weeklies.

In these years by the blessings of Almighty, RSS has grown up in many ways. But in the field of media and publicity its graph went down after 1992, as opined by the experts.

We see the boom of Astha Channel, but we are satisfied with a partially (very limited) success of Sudarshan Channel. The leaders appeared there for high interview and feel over tight. But they cannot imagine about a national level channel like NDTV or AJJTAK. Even they don’t try even a 'SAMNA' from every capital city in India. We have nothing to speak out on daily basis in English or Hindi or Bengali in print or in electronic media. The matter is ignored so far.

I know that I have already been targeted for surfacing this little truth. But, may I be put under the guillotine, if I say that the managers of Hindutva are turned passive and self-interested, if not interested for the organizational machinery and future prospect rather than Hindutva itself. But, we should not abandon the search for the alternative.

Do you think Rs. 100/- from nine million members or dollars from the NRIs can change the situations at stake in every organization under Hindutva banner ? Only RSS should not be singled out. Everybody is doing well under their own limitations. Three cheers for them.

But, now the members and cadres of every Hindutva organization should place their demand for a strong Hindu Media in India, even jointly.

I beg pardon if anybody is hurt by my words, but so far the Social Service is concerned, SEVA BHARATI is doing meaningful.

Feel free to rectify the data as given above. This opinion is very personal and obviously not related with any organization so far.

Upananda Br.

From the above discussion it appears that a chance of an able and effective Hindu Media is very remote. P Deivamuthu of Hindu Voice thinks that it is not a remote in chance, it is simply impossible.

P Deivamuthu opines in his way as below :
05/11/2010 13:30:26  P. Deivamuthu (Editor - Hindu Voice)

On and off, I do receive letters from readers moaning about the absence of a Hindu media. Many times, intensive discussions are held on the net on the subject. Hence, I thought of putting my thoughts.
From my experience as the editor of Hindu Voice and National Spirit, I can definitely say that a Hindu Media is a mirage. A few individuals like me may undertake the work and run the show for some time, but collective efforts will not succeed, due to the ego problem existing among Hindus. Who will own it and wield supreme is the daunting question.

Before we talk of developing a Hindu Media, we should analyse why the existing Hindu media is not growing or folded up.

1. Jain TV was owned by Dr. J.K. Jain, who was a BJP MP. Why it folded up? Was there any ego problem between Dr. Jain and BJP leaders? Did the BJP leaders think that a media baron may get name and fame and supersede them?

2. Zee TV is owned by Shri Subhash Chandra, a BJP man. Why does it not support Hindutva? Is there any ego problem between Subhash Chandra and BJP leaders? Or is it that Zee TV feels that Hindutva will not sell and they will not be able to survive in the market unless they are 'secular'?

3. Sudarshan TV is owned by Shri Suresh Chavhanke. His channel is being broadcast but could be seen only in some places in and around Delhi. I met Suresh ji sometime back at Hotel Taj President at Colaba, Mumbai. After checking in, he surfed for Sudarshan TV. When he could not find it, he called the manager and questioned him. The manager immediately called the concerned engineer and asked him to do the needful. Within half an hour, Sudershan TV could be watched in Taj President Hotel, Mumbai. When I met him in his room, I too watched it. But I am not able to watch it in my home. The Multi-System Operators refuse to catch its signal, unless paid in crores.
Recently, I watched his programme BINDAS BOL (say freely) on the net about Soharabuddin case. Sureshji was fully supporting the Hindutva cause. He was supporting Narendra Modi to the hilt. But how many Hindu industrialists or Hindu organisations are going to help him to effectively run the show? Will the Gujarat government or Narendra Modi help him? I am sure, NOBODY WILL.

4. The Pioneer, Delhi, a daily newspaper, is fully supporting Hindu cause. I do not know if any Hindu businessmen or Hindu organisations help it grow. I even doubt whether those Hindus who are active on the net are buying its hard copy, to boost up its sales.

5. There are many magazines being run by Hindus all over the country, in English, Hindi and local languages. Why are they not being subscribed for in lakhs, if not in millions?

6. I have been running Hindu Voice since April 2002, and have launched National Spirit since April 2010. How many Hindu industrialists or Hindu organisations are supporting me. NO BODY (except a few honourable exceptions - some in India and some NRIs).
What I want to say is that Hindus themselves, except a few out of the many who are moaning on the net, do not support Hindu media. Look at the following example.

A few months back RSS Chief Shri Mohan Bhagwat Ji visited Kollam, Kerala. About one lakh Swayamsevak in full uniform attended the function. Another about one lakh citizens also attended to listen to his inspiring speech. Even if 20% of these two lakh start buying Janmabhoomi , a Malayalam daily promoting Hindutva, its sales would boom. But how many Hindus in Kerala buy Janmabhoomi? Compare this with Saamna in Mumbai. Almost all Shiv Sainiks buy Saamna, which makes it not only survive but thrive. Same is the case with other ideologically committed newspapers - be it of Communists, Christians or Muslims. They all buy 'their' paper, but Hindus DON'T, because they are 'secular'. Hindus will buy anti-Hindu papers and watch anti-Hindu Channels, but not those espousing Hindutva. Hindus would prefer to put their moneys in a Hundi in a temple, to be usurped by the Govt, rather than giving it for a genuine Hindu cause or service. Then how do you expect Hindu media to survive, leave alone thriving?

I said collective efforts will not succeed. I have reason to say this. I was the Managing Editor of Hindu Muzhakkam (Garjana), a Tamil monthly launched by VHP, Mumbai. After running it for four years, I had to give up my responsibility, and it became defunct (not due to financial problem), although we got RNI No., Postal Permission, etc. A sense of oneness is lacking when a group is formed. When someone starts working with a sense of belonging, there are a few to demoralise and deride him. This is a general problem everywhere, I hope. A feeling that the Editor is growing more than the Organisation is lurking among the other members of the organisation, which is but natural.

Many Hindus who talk of Hindu Media are vague and confused - Who will own it? Who will practically work on the project? Who will finance it? What about the risk involved? etc. Many Hindus even think that they have the knowledge/concept and someone should implement it with other's money. Some even think that everything should be done under their command, except the financial aspect. Simply speaking, Hindus do not want to part with their money for Hindu cause. Nor do they want to read papers and magazines promoting Hindutva to come out of their cultivated ignorance. I have come across Hindus who have discontinued their subscription to Hindu Voice. The reason - when they read Hindu Voice, their peace of mind is disturbed. Yes, telling the truth and the danger that is going to engulf their children is disturbing their peace! Their attitude is like that of a pigeon, which thinks that if it closes its eyes, the cat will not pounce on it!

Sometimes I am pained to see an individual, who a few years ago was a Hindu and converted to Christianity and became a Pastor, has earned name and fame. Not only that, he brings out a magazine of say 48 pages, all in multi-colour, and prints at least a lakh copies and sends them to his followers. In Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh, there are dozens of such Pastors. Everyone just forms a 'Sabha' and prints lakhs of copies of his Sabha Magazine. Compared to them, I am ashamed of my inability to even survive, leave alone thriving. Definitely, I am not responsible for this, but Hindus jointly are.
One reason for Hindus not forthcoming to support an individual may be that the individual may discard him once he gets name and fame. It has happened in some cases. But unless rich Hindus take the risk of trusting and supporting someone fighting for Hindu causes, how can we build a Hindu Media?
I conclude - Hindu Media is a mirage. It is just impossible. If my belief is turned out to be wrong, I would be happy.

But still there is some silver lining - to take Hindutva messages to millions of people through the electronic media. Apart from Sudarshan TV, I  mentioned above, there are new TV channels who are willing to carry our message. A2Z is a news channel run by a Sadhak of Sant Asaram Bapu. The RKB Show in Lemon TV (of Rajiv Bajaj) is giving space to Hindutva views. As it is, Aastha and Sanskar channels are carrying Swami Ram Dev's Bharat Swabhiman's message. Shankara TV of Kanchi Matham is also propagating Santan Hindu Dharm. With the help of these limited exposure, Hindutva message can be taken to millions. Hindus who are complaining of the absence of Hindu media, should propagate these Channels among their friends circle so that more and more people start watching these channels.

However, having an English TV channel similar to NDTV or CNN-IBN is a far cry. Church Money and Petro Dollars freely flow to them to carry on their anti-Hindu and anti-India agenda. Can a Hindu media expect such a free flow of money from any quarter? Just impossible.
-P Deivamuthu.
(P Deivamuthu is the Editor, Hindu Voice Monthly & National Spirit Weekly and Founder-President, Hindu Journalists & Intellectuals Forum. All the three entities are working for a single cause - to remove the cultivated ignorance of Hindus and save Mother Bharat).

I don't know, whether there is any connection or effect of the discussion between Debabrata and Upananda in net with the present excerpts from Deivamuthu in Hindu Voice.

But, the need a strong Hindu Media is inevitable in the question of Hindu surveillance.

Hindu Digest seeks all the help from every corner, even from Deivamuthu to make the Hindu Media Every Possible by bashing the idea of "Just impossible".

Yes, we are in the process of regenerating a Hindu Media again in India.

P Radhakrishnan (
Hindu Digest.

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How the subversive media in India goes against “India and her people”?

How the subversive media in India goes against “India and her people”?

Courtesy :  hinduexistence on November 1, 2010
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How the subversive media in India goes against “India and her people”?
Who own and finance the subversive media in India against “India and her people”?
~ An analysis by Upananda Brahmachari.
Media now supports Arundhati Roy, an infamous one-eyed writer turned humanist for her Azad Kashmir activities, going hostile to the rules and regulations in this land and proving herself as an obvious secessionist.
But this media went low to cover the story of humiliation of Taslima Nasrin, a humanitarian novelist of Bangladesh, who took refuge in India (Kolkata) after driven out from her mother land, facing a fatwa of beheading by the Bangla Islamists. The utter humiliation and physical assault upon Taslima in Hyderabad some years back, was simply ignored by the prime media, as the wide publicity would cut off their chain with Muslim funding agencies and the Muslim pressure groups or the Muslim politicians in power. Finally, Taslima was ousted by Government of India, getting full support of the media in force. Taslima was out spoken about the persecution upon Hindu minorities in Bangladesh. Taslima tried to question about Islam, which continuously killing the Kaffirs under Islamic onslaught as a performing art. And obviously she raised the point of rights of women in Islam. Nobody helped Taslima.
The story of Kandhamal is also a same repetition. The destruction of Christian villages, ruins of their churches, every agony of the aftermath of Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati murder was vividly spread in the pages and bytes in every media. This is not desirable. But nobody in the media cared the matter of silent conversion in Christianity in the rural Orissa throughout the decades, as intensified its strength over poor Hindus, even encroaching the land and property of the Hindus opposing change of their belief of their fore fathers. As Swami Laxmanandaji opposed the unlawful conversion and the humiliation of common belief of Indian root, the Maoist-Christian goons killed him brutally with other four ashramites in Jalsapeta Ashram. We got no details of this heinous murder of a Revered Hindu Monk of 81 years old, who dedicated his whole life for the welfare of tribal people of Orissa.  Perhaps, the Christian and Maoist lobby in the media fused the matter beforehand to get relived from the Hindu retaliation.
In every footstep from Assam to Gujrat, Kashmir to Kerala – these subversive media takes the side of these anti Indian – Anti Hindu jargon to pave the way of Jehadi-Christian-Separatist-Mafia collaborators for their own interest, and not for the National interest anyway.
But, why they stand upon anti Hindu – anti Indian spirit?
And, who own these Anti-Hindu, Anti-National, Pro-Muslim, Pro-Christian, Pro-Azad Kashmir, Pro-Maoist media in India?
Let us see the ownership of different media agencies.
NDTV: A very popular TV news media is funded by Gospels of Charity in Spain supports Communism. Recently it has developed a soft corner towards Pakistan because Pakistan President has allowed only this channel to be aired in Pakistan. Indian CEO of NDTV Pranoy Roy is co-brother of Prakash Karat, General Secretary of the Communist party of India. His wife and Brinda Karat are sisters. Brinda is wife of Prakash Karat.
India Today : Which used to be the only national weekly which supported BJP is now bought by NDTV!! Since then the tone has been changed drastically and turned into Hindu bashing.
CNN-IBN: This is 100 percent funded by Southern Baptist Church with its branches in all over the world with HQ in US.. The Church annually allocates $800 million for promotion of its channel. Its Indian head is Rajdeep Sardesai and his wife Sagarika Ghosh.
Times Group:  Times Of India, Mid-Day, Nav-Bharth Times, Stardust, Femina, Vijay Times, Vijaya Karnataka, Times now (24- hour news channel) and many more………
Times Group is owned by Bennet & Coleman. The ‘World Christian Council’ does 80 percent of the Funding, and an Englishman and an Italian equally share balance 20 percent. The Italian Robertio Mindo is a close relative of Sonia Gandhi.
Ananda Bazar – Telegraph Group: Previously focusing in the strong patriotic values and termed as the vision of the Bengali intellectuals, the Anandabazar  group is now under the control of Arab petro dollars, as critiqued by the eminent. One of the pillar of this group Sri Prafulla  Kumar Sarkar,(very close to Ramakrishna Mission Movements)  the writer of “Khaishnu Hindu”- i.e. “Decreasing Hindus”, started this group popular by the way of ventilating the agony of persecuted Bengalees in various economic ,social and political constraints. But now, this group runs a total anti-Hindu approach in the section of journalism and mass media. Its counterpart, Telegraph goes further.
Star TV: It is run by an Australian, who is supported by St. Peters Pontifical Church Melbourne.
Hindustan Times: Owned by Birla Group, but hands have changed since Shobana Bhartiya took over. Presently it is working in Collaboration with Times Group.
The Hindu: English daily, started over 125 years has been recently taken over by Joshua Society, Berne, Switzerland.. N. Ram’s wife is a Swiss national.
Indian Express: Divided into two groups. The Indian Express and New Indian Express (southern edition).  ACTS Christian Ministries have major stake in the Indian Express and latter is still with the Indian counterpart.
Eeenadu: Still to date controlled by an Indian named Ramoji Rao. Ramoji Rao is connected with film industry and owns a huge studio in Andhra Pradesh.  It is reported the managers in Congress are trying hard to control over.
Andhra Jyothi: The Muslim party of Hyderabad known as MIM along with a Congress Minister has purchased this Telugu daily very recently.
The Statesman: It has a very closeness with Communist Party of India and the management allows the control of CPI, till today. It was a paper of Englishmen who used to keep secret connection with CPI leadership.  The history continues.   Now, its Bengali version “Dainik Statesman” is now under the total control of Maoists like Sukumar Mitra, Sudip Maitra and the Deobandi like Sheikh Sadar Naim.
Kairali TV: It is controlled by CPIM,  i.e. Communist party of India (Marxist).
Mathrubhoomi: Leaders of Muslim League and Communist leaders have major investment.
Asian Age and Deccan Chronicle: These get support from Saudi based Arabian Company with its chief Editor M.J. Akbar.
Tarun Tejpal of  regularly gets blank cheques  from Arab countries to target Hindu Personalities, Hindu Saints, Hindu Leaders and the other Hindus, as it is said by the critique.
Though the list is inconclusive, the conclusion may not change the reality.
Gujarat riots which took place in 2002 where Hindus were burnt alive, Rajdeep Sardesai and Bharkha Dutt working for NDTV at that time got around 5 Million Dollars from Saudi Arabia to cover only Muslim victims, which they did very faithfully……….., as the eyebrow lifters say it confidently.
Not a single Hindu family was interviewed or shown on TV whose near and dear ones had been burnt alive in Godhra Carnage, as it is reported.
The ownership explains the control of media in India by foreigners. The result is obvious.
This is the main cause of subversion in Indian media against the State.
Then it is easy to understand how the cross border enemies, fifth column inside and the global super powers use Indian media to fulfill their aim to harm `India and her people’ .
This is the time to wake up.
Input : Deva Samaroo || Media Watch || Srimanthan Arya.
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