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Muslim Fundamentalists are engaged in Breaking India : Intelligence Report.

‘Anti-national elements inciting communal violence’

31 August 2012 | Kolkata | SNS.
Shiba Nanda Basu. 
KOLKATA, 31 AUG: Central Intelligence agencies have sounded a high alert that anti-national elements are trying to incite communal violence in the country taking advantage of the recent Assam violence.
In a letter dated 18 August, the home secretary, government of India, has informed all police heads across the country that various influential communal groups in different parts of the country are trying to incite violence citing incidents in Assam and Mayanmar.
The letter notes: “The incidents in Mayanmar happened more than three months ago. Citing such incidents that happened more than three months ago in order to incite communal violence is a highly reprehensible act.”  The letter stated that inflammatory speeches and videos have already caused violence in Lucknow, Allahabad and Kanpur.
A senior IPS officer said the Centre finds it very difficult to check the flow of speech and messages with communal overtones. “Government has limited the SMS service to check dissemination of such messages, but the actual threat is the influence of various religious groups active in communities across the country,” he said. Another Central Intelligence agency also apprehends that retaliation for the Assam incidents cannot be ruled out as different anti-national elements are active in the country. The letter dated 29 August has stated: “The communal and decisive activities of groups and individuals in the country have taken an upsurge.”
The officer said that the Centre is now trying to learn about the involvement of foreign countries in disrupting the communal atmosphere inside the country. “The Central Intelligence agencies are now examining some foreign videos and MMSes that triggered exodus of Northeast people from Bangalore, Pune, Chennai and Mumbai,” said the officer.  Earlier, home secretary R K Singh said in a Press conference in New Delhi, that India wanted Islamabad to take action against those who were responsible for such activities based on evidence India will provide to the neighbouring country.
Moreover, the CBI’s preliminary investigation into the lower Assam violence has pointed to a bigger conspiracy behind the ethnic clashes.  The home secretary in the letter has instructed that “there is no question of any laxity in dealing with communal violence”. It urged religious leaders to avoid speeches that may incite violence or communal tension. [The Statesman, Kolkata.]
N.B. Headline and the illustrations are made by the blogger. Courtesy to the source. 

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