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by Somiksha C Mohanta on Monday, July 4, 2011 at 12:43pm

Can god drag a murderer closer to him after he or she commits a brutal murder? The first answer to this question that I got is 1300 years old. Mohammed brainwashed the muslims in IBN E MAJAH (vol-1, page- 697) that “when one murders another, property of the murdered becomes the property of the murderer.” Here the Islamic god is teaching the faithful the benefits of murder. The second answer I got was just one day ago. From maria susairaj, a modern, educated and gorgeous women. Islam is born in the womb of desert tribal illiteracy by the offspring of Arabian  fanaticism. That’s why even as a major sect of xtianity welcomed renaissance, muslims strategically avoided it. But alas, even after being xtian, maria was untouched by the renaissance.

Yes, I am talking about Maria Susairaj, the infamous Kannad actress. She was engaged in love with a Hindu boy Neeraj Grover who was killed by Emili Jerome, the fiancé of her decided by her parents. Neeraj’s body was found in a 300 split. But neeraj’s biggest misfortune is his Hindu identity. For last 3 years this brutal killing was suppressed by media.

Now Maria is happy to be released, struggling to hide her smile. She has passed her time in jail “by painting and praying to god.” She said, “MY DAYS INSIDE JAIL WAS BLESSED. in these 3 years I came closer to my god. He knows what I have done is not a sin.” She visited church on the pretext, “I need to visit who got me out of here”. All these drama was going on in a bizarre press conference.

Meanwhile many things have been tracked by me that my radar carefully caught from passing away.

  • Firstly, whenever someone is brutally killed in delhi, there is a huge hue and cry. We have seen in the case of priyadarshini mattu, Jessica laal etc. but are the non metro people less important ?
  • Neeraj was killed and then cut into 300 pieces, but what about the Hindu lovers like CHANCHAL SADHUKHAN, ARKA BANNERJEE, SAIBAL MANDAL, SAILENDRA PRASAD , RAJNEESH SHARMA. The last was killed by Kashmir police for loving Amina Yusuf, a muslim lady. All others were beheaded into two pieces alive and then made numerous pieces. Why there is no hues? The answer is these poor Hindus didn’t have any friend like film maker ASHOK PANDIT who could launch silent protest that would be bizarrely spotted by media, that could be posted in facebook.
  • All coverage hungry crocodiles barked for RIZWANUR, but none for these people ? why ??????? don’t these Hindu men have hearts ?
  • In the media coverage in times now a footnote comes as, “sharif sheikh says, maria will not join bollywood.”  That means certainly the media questioned about her plans for bollywood . is this the media ethics, to make a murderer a celebrity ? is it ? so is it believable when media glorifies one person ?
  • Ramgopal verma now is making a film on the story as “ NOT A LOVE STORY”. Generally if any hindu organization come in support of the slain, media calls it “politicizing” but when bollywood is doing so, why not they are maligned for encashing a tragedy ?
  • Live india tv telecasted a show, “murder karo…heroine bano”. Here the controvercial film maker Kamal Khan was the guest. The debate was that has it been the key to get into bollywood, the wrong deeds ? Kamal Khan got a scope to blame baba ramdev. As the anchors were exemplifying how reality shows glorified, Abbas Kaazhmee, Poonam Pandey, Rahul Bhatt..all known for wrong reasons. Then Kamal Khan said, “ Baba Ramdev for example, he is a product of controversy. None knew himbefore his frauds.” The male Muslim anchor was silent but the female Hindu anchor retaliated in angry mood, “what he has done for yoga is a milestone and he is fighting for a good cause.” Kamal said, “at least I did not know him”. This joker is not any encyclopedia or Wikipedia that his grey cells would contain all informations. He looks like moron, and when he does hip hop he achieves more perfection in moronness. In fact, Kamal was famous for his controvercies, neither ago, nor after. But how come live india did not show Kamal’s controvercies? Don’t they have guts?
I am eager to know that how far people and media would take to count all people as equal, regardless of Rizwanoor Rehaman  or Rajneesh Sharma? Why Hindus have been rejected rights in their own homeland under state sponsored strategy to oil Islamic fanaticism ?

When far we would get our answers ? how far humanity would be split into 300 pieces?

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