Sunday, July 17, 2011

The theory of Saffron Terrorism again tabled by the Congress in 13/7 Mumbai Blast.

Terror Agents and Nonsense Congress.

~ Cuverry Basu Mullick.

Jago Mahishasur Mardini
No City is safe in this Country: Chidambaram
>In this Country (India), every city is vulnerable. > Terrorists are active in every part of the world. > In this year 2011, world has seen 16 cases in January, February 21 cases, March 45 cases, April 21 and May 28 cases of  terrorist attacks. > Reports from Intelligence Agencies were not available previously for this particular occurrence. However, I do not think it as their failure. (P Chidambaram in Mumbai – a half-hour address to the press).
Strange is the apathy and indifference of such an ugly Interior Minister of India. Viewers of that imprudent interview surely amazed to see odd things so that the Minister of Fishery in West Bengal was briefing an expected fishing in Bay of Bengal out of a good monsoon.
Chidambaram should ashamed as still Governments are like Alice in Wonderland and still trying to figure out what went wrong in Mumbai. Jago Kumbhkarn Sonia,Monmohan & Company.
There are also terror in Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq.  We are able to defuse 99% Terror attacks: Rahul
> 100% attack prevention is not possible. > Though there is no terrorist attacks Since 9 / 11 in the U.S, but Americans are facing continued terror attacks in Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq. > 99 per cent of the attacks have been stopped by us. (Rahul Gandhi during a press conference in Bhubaneswar).
Good example of a rising of a bustard class in the power of family democracy. This prime minister in waiting is famous for his knowledge and wisdom. Spoiled enough and can spoil others dangerously.
His Excellency Crown Prince, these blasts are 1% only. Can you tell us the list of other defused 99% terror attack in India? Who planned it, where, when and against whom??
Better Terrorism than Pakistan and Saffron Terrorism can’t be ruled out: Digvijoy Singh 
The situation in India is better than Pakistan. In Pakistan every day, every week there is a blast. In India it is not happened.
Doggy doormat got another chance to give his sermon. Researchers can go through the diet of this mad man living on the excreta of Mullah A S Burney and Xtian Sonia Antonia Maino.
This good friend of some Muslim groups has warned the government that no Muslim terror outfit should be blamed for Mumbai bombing till real culprits are not identified. And he is searching a Saffron Terror Group for Mumbai blast.

And accordingly, the Congress search lights fall upon the Mumbai Blast :  ”Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh on Saturday said the involvement of radical Hindu outfit Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) cannot be ruled out in the serial blasts that rocked Mumbai city.
Speaking to media persons in New Delhi, Singh said he still adheres to the allegations made by him, as he has possessed sufficient evidence against the RSS.
“I have said that I will not rule out anything. Let the investigative agencies inquire it. Yes, if they want evidences about Sangh’s involvement in terrorist activities, I have got evidences but not in this case. I have already said on my part that I will not rule out anything,” Pigvijoy said.
Then what’s wrong with Doormat Diggy? He should have gone for the jugular of the Hindu terrorists. Vote bank compulsion makes Congress wary of naming Indian Mujahideen for Muslim apeasements. Please turn the day to night Diggy and discover the Hindu Bogie for blast of 13th at Mumbai. Go to hell.
Subodh Kanta Sahay was in a Fashion Show, when Mumbai was burning.
During the Mumbai serial blasts on Wednesday 13th, when the citizens of Mumbai were screaming and weeping, the Union Tourism Minister Subodh Kant Sahay was enjoying then a fashion show in Delhi, so arranged by a former Union Minister and BJP leader Mr Ashok Pradhan for his fashion designer daughter’s debut in this line.
It is reported that the fashion show was completed with the gala presence of many Bolly stars and politico dignitaries. Having been informed about the tragic triple blast in Mumbai SK was still present in the show. However, SK denied the matter later and reacted that he was moved then and there as his wife and daughter are living in Mumbai now a days.
Actually, “Nero”s are still living in our society.


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