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Hindurashtra in Bharat is the Birthright of World Hindus : HJS.

Hindurashtra in Bharat is the Birthright of World Hindus : Hindu Rashtra Adhiveshan - West Bengal.
Team Asansol News, August 27, 2012; Kolkata.
From left: Swami Mahesh yogi, Pujya Charudatta Pingle, Acharya Brahmadatta
and Swami Agamananda on dais 

The first day of the 2 days long Bengal Hindu Summit was successfully followed to the second day with only increased enthusiasm. After the main function met an end at the first day, the Hindu brothers and sisters present over there broke the barriers of age and the difference between speaker and audience, they took active part in the group discussions with the same panellist status to all of them. Group discussions were conducted on three problems viz. Goraksha under the leadership of AcharyaYogeshShashtri of Goraksha Dal, Love Jihad under TituShadowson of Asansol News and the present status of the Bengali Hindus under UpanandaBrahmachari of Hindu Existence.
The majority of the time of the second day was devoted to make the results of the group discussions public. The second day started with a grand Yajna or fire ritual conducted by the priests at AryaSamajMandir. Young boys and girls took enthusiastic part in the Yajna. Then after a traditional breakfast they assembled to the main hall of the temple. The Bhajan singers blessed with righteous and devout voice added an environment of spirituality in the session with their religious songs elaborating the essence of Hinduism. Then after the Vedic chanting the program took a head start.
Pujya Sri CharudattaPingle, the national guide for the Hindu JanajagrutiSamiti presented his speech again to revise the concept he presented earlier. After the inaugural speech the anchor Sri VaibhavAphale invited Sri UpanandaBrahmachari to present before the audience the outcome of the last day’s discussion. Sri Brahmachari exposed the naked face of the secularism in Bengal. He emphasized on the procedures and methods adopted by the anti-Hindu communities to wipe out the Hinduism. The role of the Christian missionaries and the Muslimah was disclosed to the mass. “It was 1971 when in a book of general knowledge I found a question; which religion has the largest population in the world? The answer was Hinduism. But today Hinduism stands as third.” Upanandaji said with a glaring agony on his face. Why the western missionaries are doing “charity” here in India when their own nations are poverty-ridden, he asked. He stated that the Christian nun Teresa also known as Mother Teresa doesn’t deserve to be called a charitable mother, a universal mother. A universal mother never discriminates its children on the basis of religion. She on the other hand offered her charities only on the condition of the conversion into Christianity. The Christian missionaries are doing the same. They are playing the same game with the new incarnates of Teresa’s. Even the public and government money are drained to the Christian organizations for use in the methods of the Christian conversions. Mr.Bramhachari demanded the govt. to keep vigil on the suspicious transaction of the foreign funds and extended his demand to issue a ban on such transactions. The Muslim cunningness needs no mention. The Markaz-e-Hindustan is raising funds with the help of distorted pictures on the so called violence on the Bangla Muslim infiltrators in Myanmar. Crores of the Arab funds are coming through Hawala transactions are being used for terrorism and imbalance the demography of the nation.
AcharyaYogeshShashtri presented the outcome on the yesterday’s discussion on Goraksha. He expressed his deep concern over the political deliberate ignorance to ban cow slaughter only to please fanatic Muslims, despite court orders from both the provincial and the apex court. He made several demands from the govt. viz. to set up research centres to research on the cow-resources on the line of Kanpur, Ahamadabad, Ludhiana etcGoshalas, to make the medicines to cows free from the office of the chief medical officer (CMO), cow protection and swadeshi industries from the cow products like urine and dung. He exampled the economic aspects of Goraksha that from one cow there are men who can income 1L INR per month. He also invited the Hindu youth to set up cow protection force and save the second mother of the Hindus, whose milk they are fed from childhood.
The next speech was by TituShadowson of Asansol News who was given the charge to expose the Love Jihad, myth or reality. Titu with well researched examples showed the real face of love jihad, how it is aimed to mind-wash the Hindu females from Hinduism to Islam. A woman is the base of a family, once you corrupt a woman her children will automatically adopt the same nature. Along with social, he elaborated the political aspects too, how the top political leaders’ specially Hindutva leaders’ daughters are targeted by love jihadists to loosen the moral ground of these politicians to speak Hindutva. Daughters of the families of Ashok Singhal, MurliManohar Joshi, LK Advani, SubramaniamSwamy, BalThackerey are illustrious in this fact. Also he exemplified the love jihad victims who are being used for terrorism, antisocial activities. He exampled Madhuri Gupta, the ISI agent, Samantha Lethwett, the Norwegian convert who terrorized London Olympics, Mohammed Dowd Gilani @ David Coleman Headley etc. He also taught the Hindu boys and girls how to counter love jihad.
After their speeches a press conference was held and was tackled by Tapankumarghosh, the president of Hindu Samhati and KakajiPujya Sri CharudattaPingle. A 5 point resolution was passed which demanded immediate establishment of Hindurashtra, cow-protection, ban on Muslim infiltration, mandatory singing of Vandemataram, check on religious conversion. Sri Pingle assured the media and public and administration that hindurashtra will be set up in pure legal ways affiliated by the constitution.

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