Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Inauguration Of Hindurashtra Summit West Bengal Successfully Started With Passion For Hindurashtra

Hindurashtra Will Certainly Be Established With A Combination Of Kshatratej And Brahmatej
- Sri Charudatt Pingley, National Guide, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

Upananda Brahmachari, Mahesh Yogi, Charudutta Pingley
and Swami Pradiptananda (L to R) inaugurating the programme

Hindu Janjagruti Samiti organised a historical Hindu Rastra Adhiveshan(10th – 14th June, 2012) at Ramnathi, Goa for the re-establishment of Hindu Rashtra in Bharat within 2025. It was resolved then to hold state level conference in each state for the materialization of Hindu Rashtra in Bharat. In this connection a state level conference is being organised at Arya Samaj Mandir, Salkia Howrah, on 25th and 26th August, 2012.
In the inaugural session the saints and dignitaries namely Swami Pradiptanandaji Maharaj, Bharat Sevashram Sangha, Swami Mahesh Yogi, Arya Samaj, Haridwar, Pujya Charudutta Pingle, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, emphasied on the immediate need for the Hindurashtra.
The audience observing the program
The grand occasion started with the inspirational speech of Swami Pradiptanandaji Maharaj from Beldanga Bharat Sebashram Sangh. He took the audience to the world of Hindurashtra where they could taste its essence in the uplifting of the nation as well as the universe and the need for Indians in general and Hindus in particular to make their lives status better in the current pseudo-secular nation. He revealed the way how Hindurashtra can be achieved in a path concreted by spirituality on one hand and nationalism on the other. The saint resembled Swami Vivekananda whom the westerners called a “soldier saint” due to his inbuilt nationalist spirituality. After listening to his intellectual caliber and stern voice one can easily guess why is he facing constant threats from the jihadists?
Similar concept was propagated by another saint Sri Mahesh Yogi from Haridwar. He only strengthened the points mentioned by the Swami.
The next speech was by respected Sri Charudatt Pingley, national guide for HJS. Sri Pingley elaborated the ways to combine the Brahmatej and Kshatratej to build up Hindurashtra. According to him it is necessary to combine intellect and might so that the mass movement of the people by the people for the people can attest its maximum success. He exampled Shivaji and Ramdas, his Guru whose combination brought Hindu state within the Mughal ruled India. Charudatt Pingley famously known as Kakaji’s proposals were warm-welcomed by the Hindu operatives.
The mission and the path were explained in an elaborated manner by Chittaranjan sural, the national spokesperson for HJS. Chittaranjan Sural is one of the illustrious examples of sacrifice for nation. A man hailing from Jamshedpur, working with Tata Steel and as a film-maker he could earn in western dollars but he found this materialistic happiness nothing before his devotion to his nation, culture and religion. He was speaking like an expert sociologist. Suralji thanked the Bengalis for making his dream to raise the voice of Hindurashtra in the land of Bengal which changed its color from red to green. He linked the success of this program to his experiences in the earlier session in Goa.
Acharya Brahmadutta Arya, the rector of Arsa Gurukul, Kolaghat and a well-known Vedic scholar presented his opinions on the combination of Dharma and Rashtra. It must be noted that Dharma and religion are not equal. In ancient Vedic age the king didn’t own the state but was a public representative for running the state under the guidance and blessings of the saints solely devoted for the nation. In these days of inept and corrupt governance it’s the need of hour to bring back the ancient pattern to govern the nation in the shape of holistic Dharmarashtra. Such a state will not be a religious fanatic in nature like Islamic and Christian nations. Dharma means principles and morals so such a state will be a moral state free from all sorts of injustice and corruption.
Mr. Vaibhav Apalhe, the organizational in-charge for West Bengal and Jharkhand provinces. He gave a brief review about the HJS activities and methods. He told the mass that the HJS activists have set up mass contact with 10L people from 7 provinces. Mass assembly, fire-rituals, awakening rallies; speeches have been emerged as key methods for the HJS mass awakening movement which is aimed to build up awareness of sanctity and righteousness everyday life. According to him the Goa Govt. in 2010 backed off from its mass demolition of 700 Hindu temples. 564 have been saved by HJS. The HJS also filed 1250 cases around the nation’s police stations against the porn-artist MF Hussain who painted nude pictures of spiritualist and nationalist icons respected among Indians. Last month a converted Christian named Laxman Johnson who insulted deity of Lord Shiva, whose report was published by Asansol News, was taken sternly by the HJS and they conducted mass movement to gag the culprit. The issue was raised at Maharashtra Assembly and the culprit was arrested. Due to the massive success of HJS in all its campaign; the govt. ruled by the anti-Hindu congress party, it was banned unnecessarily. Yet the HJS operatives are not demoralized.

Then there was a lunch break after which the HJS session consisted of Goraksha or anti-cow-slaughter campaign elaborated by Acharya Yogesh Shashtri, president of Arya Veer Dal’s West Bengal chapter. In this age when the cows; the symbol of the Hindu humanism, is being harmed by the all ways possible, Goraksha is more than needed. The cow slaughter is a symbol of intense Hindu hatred that is being conducted smoothly despite court orders on the support of the ban on this heinous crime. Even the so called survey specialist statistical services have now concluded that “cow milk is harmful to children health”. Really, they have got great innovation, for millions of years the Hindu children have been harmed then; quite contrary to the present achievement of the Hindus in the development of the science and literature and other fields. Both the provincial court and the apex court have given virdict siding the ban on the cow slaughter. Despite these orders the lawless fanatic Muslims connived with their puppet corrupt and inept political slaves are smoothly carrying out the crime in the states like West Bengal. So the need for setting up a special cell for Goraksha was emphasized in the speech.
The next issue taken by the panelists was love jihad. Sri Banshropan Arya, the chief of Bansberia arya Samaj explained to the mass the reality of love jihad that everyone already knows but maintain silence only to earn some cheap secular credentials or to hide their heads like ostrich.
Tapan Ghosh, the chief of Hindu Samhati based in west Bengal was the next who took up his subject on the present status of the province he works and the nation he lives in. He in a corrective manner advised the operatives present over there to avoid using the word “Hindurashtra” because this nation is already a Hindurashtra upon which every Hindu can claim his rights. What they need to draw is a “Hindurajya” or a Hindu State where “state” doesn’t mean province but administration. He emphasized on awakening and consolidation of the Hindu resistance forces (against Islamic expansionism and political discrimination) in the border regions of the West Bengal.
The entire session was concluded by Vinayak Shanbagh where he literally presented a summary of the nature of the desired Hindurashtra in the vision of traditional administration within the periphery of ethical and righteous action. But that was not the end, the final conclusion was left to the audience who actively took part in the group discussion in three parts viz. Goraksha (Cow Protection), Love Jihad and Current Status of the Hindus in West Bengal.
The first day of the Hindurashtra Summit was concluded by the chanting of the holy Vedic Shanti Path (Peace Prayer).


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