Friday, March 18, 2011

Horse Trading to Nuclear Deal, Congress Film in New Reel....

 Video grab shows Opposition MPs waving currency notes
in the Lok Sabha during the trust vote in July 2008

Congress has good friend in America to weaken India from morality, maturity and world magnitude.  



Why Congress fears the latest Wikileaks revelations ?

Sheela Bhatt in New Delhi || Rediff News.
The latest Wikileaks revelations will make many believe that the UPA government mustered a majority in Parliament in July 2008 in an unscrupulous manner and the Americans were prime witness to that crime, notes Sheela Bhatt. 
In New Delhi, reporters know that the issue is dead serious when the government completely denies allegations, puts up a fight as if war has broken out and when they even take on the media to dare them to come close to the real issue.
The Congress party, particularly, does so every time when it wants to save the prestige of its president Sonia Gandhi and the credibility of the Gandhi family.
They have done so again on Thursday, March 17, to thwart the political damage inflicted by the revealing Wikileaks cables.
Sonia Gandhi's extremely close confidante Satish Sharma stands exposed with the release of the latest Wikileaks cable published in The Hindu.
The Wikileaks cable reveals that how five days before the Manmohan Singh government faced a crucial vote of confidence on the India-US nuclear deal on July 22, 2008, Nachiketa Kapur, Sharma's political aide, showed a US embassy employee 'two chests containing cash' that Kapur said was part of a bigger fund of Rs 50 crore (Rs 500 million) to Rs 60 crore (Rs 600 million) that the Congress party had accumulated to buy the support of MPs for the trust vote.
Let us keep aside for the moment the debate over Wikileaks's credibility or the ethical value of something that blatantly gives only one side's view of the issue.
The claims made in the published cables, which were sent by American diplomats based in New Delhi to Washington, DC, can be ignored only by the thick-skinned political class.
In a nutshell, the hidden meaning of the cables is that the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance government paid money to Members of Parliament to get votes on the floor of the Lok Sabha with the full knowledge of the US embassy.
It is astounding to see that the Americans were witness to the corrupt drama of the buying of MPs in Parliament. The last thing on their mind was the value of democracy so finely inscribed in the American constitution.
Despite being in the know of the UPA government's corruption to buy votes, the Americans sent Nachiketa Kapur on an all-expense-paid junket to the US.

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